Boost Customer Engagement In Banking & Insurance With Our Loyalty Experience Solutions

Increasing customer engagement and cross-selling of services continues to be a growth opportunity area for financial services providers. Plagued for years with legacy technologies, financial services organizations have been hindered in growing the value of their customers. Not being able to identify a customer across the different business units, challenged to identify multiple accounts financial services organizations have been missing big opportunities to grow their business, grow the value of each customer and increase customer retention.

Today’s push for digital transformation is putting new opportunities for customer growth and retention at brands fingertips. Now there is technology available to more easily connect with and sustain and grow relationships with customers across brick and mortar and digital offerings and experiences.

Annex Cloud purpose built its’ technology with financial services and insurance inherent market challenges in mind. The Annex Cloud Loyalty Experience Management solution is designed to empower banking and insurance companies to strategically engage & retain existing customers, identify these customers across their brand journey and allow organizations to identify opportunities for growth and upsell.

Now brands can reward and recognize customers for their specific actions like using a credit card for payment, account upgrade, maintaining a specific account balance, etc plus brands can bond with customers at a different level to build stronger relationships.

Banking & insurance firms can leverage Annex Cloud loyalty experience solutions to imagine beyond the strict transactional relationship with customers and create deeper connections that foster improved loyalty and drive significant revenue.

Key Products to Drive Loyalty in Financial Services (Banking & Insurance)

Omnichannel Loyalty

Omnichannel Loyalty

  • DotPaid Membership
  • DotAn advanced set of APIs for proprietary systems connection
  • DotMobile application
  • DotIn Banks
Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

  • DotReferral Gamification
  • DotRewards & Incentives Engine

Revenue Benefits in Financial Services (Banking & Insurance)

61% of customers like the ability to manage their loyalty programs from a mobile wallet

81% expect to receive some form of an incentive for banking activities

46% of customers like to pool points with family and friends


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Resources for Financial Services (Banking & Insurance)

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Touchpoints in The Customer Journey
Touchpoints in The Customer Journey

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