Comprehensive program configuration

Combine program types and features for the best functionality to create unique, engaging member experiences.

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Mix and match program types and features to fit your needs and strategy

Bring your loyalty vision alive with our highly configurable platform

Transactional loyalty

  • Leverage Buy–Earn–Redeem fundamentals with points and tiers at the heart
  • Control earning and redemption value for both members and brands using points, with use cases across the entire lifecycle
  • Hide points to focus on value while keeping the functional benefits
  • Segment members into tiers based on milestones (actions or a series of actions) in their journey
  • Each tier can have different rewards
  • Explicitly display tiers to encourage member action, or hide to trigger surprise and delight moments
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Behavioral loyalty

  • Incentivize member action between transactions at any touchpoint regardless of channel
  • Encourage engagement with content, training, events, store and ecommerce visits—any action that matters to the relationship
  • Incentivize and reward social media engagement
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Emotional loyalty

  • Loyal members want more than a transactional relationship and will buy for reasons beyond discounts
  • Personalization and recognition are strong motivators
  • Leverage gamification to add a level of entertainment and competitive spirit for your members’ experience
  • Social responsibility also plays a big part in consumer decision-making and your program can demonstrate your commitments while also allowing members to redeem rewards for charitable causes
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Paid/Subscription loyalty

  • Leverage this growing tactic as either your main strategy or just a special segment or tier
  • Create a value exchange that’s so compelling your members will pay to join:
    • VIP recognition
    • Dedicated customer service
    • Product and sample boxes
    • Exclusive content and contests
    • Early access and exclusive products
    • In-person and online events
    • Automatic reordering and rewards
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Coalition loyalty

  • Include two or more participating brands with a designated currency and exchange
  • Coalition partners benefit from the expansion of value to members of all programs and the clear responsibility for costs
  • Points are well suited for coalitions as there can be specific values for actions under each brand

Enrollment establishes consent

  • By joining, your loyalty program members consent to the use of their data
  • There’s a level of trust that their program data will benefit them and not be shared outside of the organization

A proven success process

  • Program discovery is the cornerstone of Annex Cloud’s implementation and success process
  • We align your goals and objectives with your customer journey to turn that into a lifetime of loyalty

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