Let your customers do the talking

Overcome skyrocketing acquisition costs by recognizing and incentivizing your best customers for referring others.

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Of members refer



Half of your loyalty members will refer others to you. 

More likely to refer



Loyalty members are 4X more likely to refer others.

Higher CLV



Referred customers have a 25% higher CLV. 

Gain new customers with low cost and high CLV 

Drive members to recommend your brand 

Incentivize members

  • Your members are your best customers, and they only need a little nudge to tell others about your brand, especially when you make it easy and rewarding
  • Market rewards to members for referring friends and family to join your program and make purchases
  • Create and test campaigns to optimize the right reward at the right touchpoint
  • Reward both referring members and new customers
  • Rewards can be points, badges, discounts, credits, products or third-party rewards
  • Members can view their referral progress in their loyalty dashboard
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Make sharing easy—anywhere

  • Promote referrals across your website—on banners, product pages, post-purchase pages and popups
  • Our extensive integrations connect your referral tactics to your tech stack, including POS and ESP systems
  • Your loyalty program dashboard and referral campaigns offer multiple channels for sharing—including social media, email and more
  • Customize the entire referral process to fit your brand
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Create an advocacy network

  • New customers enroll and buy
  • Referred customers receive custom communications with one or two click access to your brand
  • Drive purchases for target products, categories or sales channels
  • Codes and coupons are redeemable online or in-store
  • Create a network of referrals by welcoming new customers and incentivizing their referrals

Seize opportunities and track ROI

  • You set the rules for all aspects of the program
  • Multiple fraud protection methods and practices foil humans and robots from gaming the system
  • Track your referral program’s contribution to your bottom line with comprehensive revenue and ROI reporting—including referral channels and orders, conversion rates and direct revenue
  • Your growing member database offers opportunities for innovative campaigns to referring and referred members—for example, target new members yet to redeem a coupon
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