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Analyze rich zero- and first-party member and behavioral data to identify and set rules with advanced segmentation. Apply them to key customer segments to implement actions that build engagement and deliver value.

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Relevant offers



Few consumers believe the offers they receive are relevant or personalized.

Annoyed consumers



Most consumers are annoyed when they see irrelevant content.

Brands monetizing data



Few companies have the technology to monetize data. 

Select & rank advanced segmentation using RFM 

Turn member data into member actions that deliver results using advanced segmentation

Built-in RFM dashboard

Select and rank key customer segments to find your best customers, biggest spenders, newest customers and those ready to churn. Use our powerful RFM dashboard to segment members.

  • Recency (R): How recently customers have made a purchase.
  • Frequency (F): How often customers have made purchases in a given time period.
  • Monetary (M): How much customers have paid in an average transaction. (AOV)

Customize the dashboard to fit your buying patterns, date range and order values.

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Segments and sources

Industry leading technology integrations make analyzing and acting on data quick and easy. Set rules to dynamically use points, tiers, profiles, survey responses, member actions and custom attributes to add or delete segment members.

Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform™ collects data across touchpoints that you can use to create segments, including:

  • App downloads
  • Surveys taken
  • Contest participation
  • Referrals
  • Purchases of specific products
  • Point redemption frequency
  • Social shares
  • Reviews written or questions answered
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Take personalized action

Replace generic emails and discounts with member-specific messages and experiences.

  • Give your strongest advocates extra surprise and delight benefits
  • Challenge emerging brand advocates to refer friends for extra benefits
  • Use your most tempting promotions for your most important at-risk customers
  • Give double points for members who try new products and services
  • Reward points to customers who’ve responded to multiple communications

Engage between transactions with targeted marketing emails and limited-time rewards for special actions.

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Share cohorts

Leverage your deep member segment data across your organization using Annex Cloud reporting capabilities and export to other systems.

  • Identify similar cohorts when buying (or selling) media
  • Target merchandise buys and line extensions
  • Build accurate buyer personas
  • Track individual store performance
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