Capture retail purchase data    

Incentivize loyalty program members to submit receipt scans and images from retail purchases to receive rewards and collect valuable data.  

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Automated intelligence



For speed, accuracy and security 




Global accuracy 

Data fields



Full basket, line item and retailer details

A win-win for members and data junkies 

Members get rewards, you bridge retail and DTC strategies  

Make submission easy

  • Members scan receipts using an intelligent scanning framework that can easily be added to your brand’s mobile experience and app
  • Captures documents in the viewfinder automatically
  • Verifies Member ID to control fraud

Offer virtually any reward 

  • Designate virtually any reward
  • Incentivize the scanning of every receipt
  • Use your point system, coupons, third-party products, events or experiences

Capture data in seconds 

  • Members can quickly scan long, even multiple, receipts from within your brand’s app on a mobile device
  • Members may also email a photo or scan of receipts, or upload into their loyalty dashboard
  • Manually moderate submissions, scan data and rewards

Get full basket & retail insights 

  • Share key data across your organization, including SKUs, descriptions, pricing, discounts, location, logos and store ID
  • Create new segments, campaigns and opportunities
  • Gain insights into retailer performance and member shopping habits, including competitive purchases

Get fraud protection and data security 

  • Verify a qualified purchase
  • Powerful automation detects duplicate submissions
  • App-based scanning uses Keychain and TouchID authentication
  • SOC2 Type 2 certified

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