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Social Loyalty

Surveys, Quizzes, Contests

Microsite & RaaS

Ratings and Reviews

Next Gen Receipt Scanning

Reward customers for social media engagement

Today’s consumers count on social media to share their brand experiences.

Increase spend 

Customers that interact as well as transact with your brand spend 250% more. Keep them engaged on social media between purchases.


Recognize and reward customers for following, sharing and commenting about your brand on social media. 


Tie revenue based KPIs to your social media campaigns and understand which types of engagement impact conversion the most.

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Boost survey participation with incentivizes

Keep a pulse on your most valuable customers and enhance touchpoints with zero-party data.

Create fun experiences

Enhance progressive profiling with member feedback mechanisms that are interesting, not invasive.

Customize touchpoints

Gamify your loyalty members’ experiences with fully responsive surveys that incorporate interactivity, imagery and progression indicators.

Incentivize engagement

Motivate, recognize and reward your loyalty members for engaging, responding and participating—and boost response by 12% or more.

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Promote your loyalty program easily and securely

Share your program’s value and make it easy to join and manage.

Deploy quickly

BTurnkey solution—no site setup or hosting required. Simply start with predefined templates and add your branding.

Manage entire journey

Members can easily register and manage their loyalty experience across their entire relationship with your brand.

Include everyone

Engage everyone in your distribution chain independently from your website. Build loyalty with sales reps, consultants, installers, retailers and more.

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Build brand trust and boost conversions

Reward your customers for sharing their opinions about your products or services.

Build confidence

Incentivize, collect and display customer reviews about your products and services.

Make it frictionless

Make it easy for customers to submit and read reviews no matter where or how they research and shop—in store, online, via mobile app, email, SMS and more.


Tailor review forms to your products and categories—from basic text boxes to specific questions, such as fit, size and durability.

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Capture retail
purchase data

Incentivize loyalty program members to submit receipt scans and images from retail purchases to receive rewards and collect valuable data.

Easy submission

Loyalty program members can scan and upload receipts from their mobile devices and upload through your loyalty dashboard, in your brand’s app or through email.

Unlimited rewards

Designate virtually any reward for scanning receipts to incentivize scanning every receipt

Fast, accurate capture

Deep receipt data is available within seconds with fraud protection and your ability to moderate the submission

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Progressive Profiling

Advanced Segmentation

Know your members with progressive profiling

Continually collect customer values, preferences and other relevant attributes.

Member data

Gather valuable information based on the member ID, including their earnings, redemption, activities and status.

Action data

Capture key behavioral data, including online, in-store and in-app transactions, as well as social engagement.

Survey data

Create and collect attributes you define to suit your business and members using our built-in survey module.

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Leverage sophisticated segmentation

Analyze and act on customer data to improve experiences and profitability.

RFM dashboard

Analyze member and behavioral data to identify your best, biggest, new and at-risk customers. Apply rules to key segments to build engagement and deliver value.

Seamless intelligence

Technology integrations make analyzing and acting on data quick and easy. Leverage your member segment data across your organization.

Fast, flexible action

Replace generic emails and discounts with member-specific experiences. Surprise and delight your best customers at key moments. Engage those at risk of churning.

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Incentive Engine

Program Types & Features




Simplify omnichannel promotions

Quickly and easily configure, manage, associate and distribute rewards.

Comprehensive control

Configure, generate, store, distribute and redeem reward codes and code groups. Comprehensive rules and admin access allow for flexible redemption rules.

Varied rewards

Offer and redeem discount codes, virtual and physical gift cards, store credits and merchandise.

Seamless delivery

Integrations across your tech stack and RESTful APIs let you create, store, distribute and redeem rewards. Easily import and export gift codes in bulk.

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Easily build your best program

Combine functionality from a range of program types and features to create unique experiences.

Transactional and behavioral

Leverage Earn–Redeem fundamentals with points and tiers for purchases and engagement across any channel.


Personalization and gamification of your loyalty tactics touch your members in meaningful ways. Recognize them as the valuable individuals they are.

Paid and hybrid

Leverage the trend in subscription programs as a standalone strategy or add into an unpaid program for VIP benefits.

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Gamify engagement

Build excitement, engagement, loyalty and brand awareness.


Elevate your loyalty strategy and customer engagement in ways that drive desired behavior exponentially without adding discounts and costs.


Feature multiple leaderboards on your site to show customer performance based on purchase behavior or earned or redeemed points.

Action series

Ask customers to complete a series of actions in exchange for badges, bonus points or even a reward.

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Give members rewards they value

Deliver rewards globally that are personal and local to engage and motivate individual members.


Delight members with your products or with top brand name electronics, sporting goods, home goods and more.

Discounts and cards

Give discount codes and store credits or choose cards from more than 350 of your favorite brands in both physical and virtual forms.


Go beyond discounts with experiences such as exclusive access or event, convenience, community, education and more.

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Effectively manage performance

Optimize your program—including enrollment, membership, engagement and financial impact.

Loyalty dashboard

Get the full picture of the state of your program performance from financial, member, and loyalty currency perspectives.

Actions & rewards

Monitor member engagement within the program and across our modules, like Refer a Friend and Surveys.

Data feeds

Push full loyalty data into your data lake, or directly into your CRM, ERP and other key technologies.

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Refer A Friend

Refer a Friend

Gain new customers with low costs and high CLV

Incentivize members

Your members are your best customers, and they only need a little nudge to tell others about your brand, especially when you make it easy and rewarding

Make sharing easy

Our extensive integrations connect your referral tactics to your tech stack, including website, POS and email systems

New members buy

Referred customers have a 25% higher CLV.

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Get all modules—no nickel and diming

Access a full set of next-gen loyalty capabilities—including all new additions, so you always have the latest capabilities.

Capture zero- and first-party data

Engage customers and gather data with consent to deliver personalized, relevant experiences inside and outside of loyalty.

Get the insights you need

All loyalty capabilities include program and member analytics in our built-in dashboard, or export to your favorite BI tools.

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Enhance customer experience 

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Drive growth by boosting basket size, frequency and customer lifetime value

Collect zero- and first-party data to improve engagement, personalize customer journeys and more.

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