Make engagement fun and rewarding 

Use built-in badging and gamification tactics to build excitement and challenge members to stay engaged. 

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loyalty gamification

Rise in engagement



Rise in brand loyalty



Rise in brand awareness



Improve customer retention and engagement

Use game mechanics to engage, excite and reward members

Leverage human nature 

Gamification is directly tied to several aspects of human nature, including:

  • The urge to win
  • Prize seeking behavior
  • Competitiveness
  • As millennials call it, Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Create campaigns and milestones 

  • Create a campaign in the Loyalty Experience Platform™ which prompts a member segment to take one, or a series, of desirable actions as milestones
  • Members can earn badges for non-purchase-based actions like completing surveys, frequent site logins, store visits, cross-category purchases and more
  • Affix value to each milestone and recognize member accomplishments with badges, rewards and special recognition
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A leaderboard provides a great way to show the loyalty members standing compared to others ranking in the program.

  • It encourages the members to be competitive and motivates them to perform the activities which will raise their rank in the leaderboard
  • Leaderboards can be configured for member purchase actions, milestones or their loyalty points
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Incorporate badges 

A badge can be any brand-related graphic that recognizes the successful completion of an action. Use them strategically to energize your loyalty strategy and engage members in ways that drive desired behavior exponentially without discounts and added cost.

  • Create instant gratification or surprise & delight
  • Can be earned for non-purchase-based actions
  • Multiple badges may be earned at once
  • Redeemable for benefits
  • Include an expiration date, which drives customers to cash in ASAP


  • An expected outcome of a game is to have a winner and win prizes
  • Leverage gamification to set rules, engage the players and keep track on your leaderboard
  • Offer high-value prizes to the top winners

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