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Solve your biggest enterprise challenges

Collect customer data with consent

Deliver omnichannel experiences

Quickly adapt, pivot and test

Differentiate your brand

Go beyond legacy limitations

Maximize your competitive edge

Gain instant access to new features and functionality—no development and no fees required. Quickly and easily update campaigns, offers, rewards and more.

Scale without limits

Grow without limits on members, transactions or program size. Collect and act on unlimited attributes. Easily manage programs across regions and brands.

Deliver omnichannel consistency

Leverage the most integrations and largest API library, so customer data flows smoothly across every touchpoint.

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Empower your teams with a full set of ever-evolving next-gen loyalty capabilities at their fingertips while minimizing cost, hassle and risk.


Leverage a full engagement suite, including social, surveys, referrals, gamification and more to engage members between transactions and keep them coming back.


Leverage our cutting-edge progressive profiling to collect unique zero-party attributes. Take fast and targeted action on any combination.


Incentivize member engagement at every touchpoint. Add meaningful value across their entire journey.

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Respond to changing customer needs in real time. Quickly and easily see what is and isn’t working, and pivot on a dime.

Go to market fast

Deploy and configure quickly and easily with minimal technical resources. Ongoing, marketing can easily change a promo or reward, and update tiers and campaigns with a few clicks.

Support complex ecosystems

Templating makes it easy to replicate and customize and localize programs across regions, brands, languages and currencies.

Fine-tune targeting

Continually learn about members and leverage zero-party data to segment and target based on any combination of activities, behavior and preferences.

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Loyalty is all we do. Annex Cloud’s technology-first approach ensures you’ll deliver a rewarding customer experience today and tomorrow.

Ensure interoperability

Our continual investment in integrations and APIs ensures your loyalty platform will work seamlessly with your Martech stack as it evolves.

Stay ahead of competition

Our 140-plus developers are dedicated to keeping your brand ahead of the market with the latest technology, tactics and capabilities.

Maximize flexibility

Our SaaS-based platform allows you to immediately take advantage of new capabilities we build for every new client and vertical—at no extra cost.

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Easily accommodate growth, expand into other regions and brands, and collect unlimited customer attributes.

Easily expand to new markets

Templating facilitates market expansion without the need for excessive customization. Streamline and optimize while keeping costs in check.

Adapt and grow with ease

Start with the basics. Easily and quickly add and change as you grow without time-consuming and costly development.

Enjoy consistent autonomy

Multinational organizations can deliver a consistent customer experience while allowing local autonomy.

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