Incentivized surveys gather the best data

Gauge desires and opinions of your most valuable customers with surveys and quizzes. Enhance every touchpoint with dynamic zero-party data. 

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Response from members




Loyalty members are much more likely to participate. 

Response with incentives




Boost response even more by adding an incentive.

Question types


True/False, multiple choice, photo choice, text boxes & more.

Use interactive features on your site, loyalty dashboard or mobile app

What is zero-party data (ZPD) and why is it so valuable?

Zero-party data is information customers willingly, proactively and deliberately share in exchange for better service, a more tailored customer experience and personalized rewards.

ZPD requires explicit consent and is usually gathered through interactive touchpoints like surveys, quizzes, polls, website popups, download forms, loyalty membership registration or customer profiles.

Gain insights while making your members’ experiences fun

Turn insights into action

Collect meaningful zero-party customer data for advanced segmentation and next-best action tactics.

  • Enhance progressive profiling with member feedback mechanisms that are interesting, not invasive
  • Maximize value from your most loyal and most vocal cohort of opt-in customers
  • Execute permission-based marketing and personalized micro-moments that show you care
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Create custom touchpoints

Gamify your loyalty members’ experiences with fully responsive surveys that incorporate interactivity, imagery and progression indicators.

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Incentivize your customers to engage

Motivate and recognize your loyalty members for engaging and responding by offering real benefits or rewards for participation.

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Report & export data

  • Provide well-organized data, actionable data across the enterprise to inform other customer-facing programs or campaigns
  • View results in real time with built-in monitoring
  • Export results and share them cross-functionally for use in your BI, ERP and CDP tools
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Leverage unique insights

Drive retention and revenue armed with newly collected and rare information about your most loyal customer segments.

  • Deliver more personalized content, offers and rewards
  • Boost effectiveness of product recommendations
  • Discover new opportunities for advanced segmentation
  • Launch data-driven, well-informed loyalty campaigns

What is progressive profiling
and what does it offer?

Progressive profiling is a privacy-compliant data collection strategy that collects small bits of data across the entire customer journey. This zero-party data offers a more personalized UX, improved conversion rates and an optimized customer journey.

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