Draw customers to your brand no matter where, when, or how they are shopping through omnichannel solutions.

Omni-channel loyalty combines technology and innovative customer experiences to deliver compelling and relevant offers at the exact right time to bring customers back to your brand again and again.


You want to be everywhere your customers are, right? An omni-channel loyalty program lets you do just that with offers and messages that don’t feel like the same old advertising customers have learned to ignore.

Check out how Annex Cloud used omni-channel loyalty to help MacKenzie-Childs build a community of advocates.

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Recruitment Awareness

From learning about your loyalty program to enrolling, earning points, and redeeming rewards, customers can engage with your loyalty program effortlessly from your brick-and-mortar stores. This improves their in-store experience, builds rapport with your in-store sales team, and gives them a tangible reason to return.

Recruitment and Awareness

Whether you need help with in-store signage or employee education, we help you build an omni channel platform to create awareness and excitement for your loyalty program among the customers in store.

Recruitment Awareness
Pre-Built POS Integration

Pre-Built POS Integration

With pre-built POS integrations we support seamless in-store loyalty program enrollment, point accrual, and reward redemption.

Store Management

Manage loyalty at the individual store level with native store management. Run loyalty campaigns aimed at specific stores and regions and track and analyze loyalty data down to each of your stores.

Recruitment Awareness
Recruitment Awareness

Create a truly seamless customer experience with omni channel solutions built into your brand app. Utilize Annex Cloud’s native iOS and Android SDKs or create a custom omni channel platform and loyalty app to encourage customers to choose your brand every time.


Building your loyalty program into your brand app gives customers easy access to enrollment. For customers who already have your app, you can send messages about the advantages of your loyalty program. And, for customers who haven’t you can encourage them to download the app by driving them through a loyalty enrollment offer.

Recruitment Awareness
Customer Loyalty Dashboards

Customer Loyalty Dashboards

Make it easy for your customers to see their loyalty standing, find out how far they are from their next reward, and discover any current promotions with easy access to their loyalty dashboard via your app.

Effortless Reward Redemption

Customers are more likely to collect and use their loyalty rewards if they have easy access to them. And, what’s easier than putting them in the palm of their hand? In-app reward redemption makes it effortless for your customers to find and use their rewards no matter where they are shopping.

Effortless Reward Redemption

Native Receipt Scanning  RIght Arrow

Reward customers without limitations. Whether they buying your products at your brick-and-mortar stores or through your third-party retailers, the Native Receipt Scanning empowers your customers to earn rewards for all of the purchases they make. All they have to do is upload, text, or email a picture of their receipt to your loyalty platform and Annex Cloud handles the rest.

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Selling through your retailers’ brick and mortar stores shouldn’t limit your ability to create an impactful omni channel platform and customer loyalty program. Learn how to leverage cutting edge technology to better facilitate omni-channel solutions and loyalty engagement.

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