Customer Loyalty Features Dynamic Onsite Action Tracking Track onsite customer activity and automatically reward customers for actions such as making online purchases, writing reviews, uploading pictures, and referring friends. With Dynamic Onsite Tracking any activity that can be tracked on your website can be turned into a rewardable loyalty action.

Customizable Rewards We understand that different demographics of customers respond differently to rewards which is why we support a variety of loyalty incentives and rewards. Offer customers anything from coupons to products or even 3rd party gift cards to get them engaged with your loyalty program.

Integrated Social Actions Left Arrow With integrated social actions, you can easily incentivize and reward customers for connecting their social profiles to their loyalty accounts and automatically reward them for sharing and referring friends via social media networks. Connecting social networks to loyalty accounts allows you to tie social graph data into your loyalty reporting and helps strengthen engagement across channels.

Native Referral Marketing Boost referrals and customer acquisition by making it easy for customers to earn rewards for referring friends with native Referral Marketing integration.

Game Structure Make your Omni-Channel Loyalty program exciting and motivate customers to participate with game elements like badges, tiers, and levels. With gamification, you can add a sense of exclusivity and friendly competition to boost participation among your customers.

Native In-Store SupportLeft Arrow Pre-built POS integrations and support for loyalty apps ensures your Customer Loyalty program is fully functional across all channels. Customers easily can earn loyalty points in-store and redeem rewards they’ve earned online and in-store

Integrated Online Checkout Redemption Make it easy for customers to redeem their rewards. Integrated online checkout redemption allows customers to select their available rewards right at checkout and apply them as a discount on their total order. By making it easy to redeem rewards your customers continuously feel the benefits of loyalty and remain enthusiastic about participating.

Integrated Coupon System Delivering coupons as loyalty rewards is easy. With an integrated coupon system you can upload batches of coupon codes to be issued to members automatically when they claim their rewards.

Customer Loyalty Functions Advanced Promotional Engine Left Arrow Boost loyalty program engagement and repeat purchase rate with targeted promotional campaigns. Deliver special reward offers and bonus points to customers to drive results such as boosting advocacy among your frequent purchasers or bringing lapsed customers back.

RFM Analysis Integration Left Arrow Integrate recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) data into your loyalty segmentation and reporting to better understand and segment customers. Identify target customer groups such as hero customers, customers on the brink of lapsing, and customers who have lapsed and build specific campaigns to engage them.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics Left Arrow Gain in-depth insights into your loyalty program, better understand how your customers are engaging and learn what calls to action and incentives your customers respond to with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Best Loyalty program Functionality Native ESP IntegrationLeft Arrow Native ESP integrations power your advanced promotional engine and make setting up email triggers a breeze. Triggered emails can be based on loyalty activity and can apply to all users or specific segments you have created with segmentation.

Native iOS and Android SDKs Native Customer Loyalty iOS and Android SDKs make it easy to add loyalty program actions and reward information to your app.

Native Identity ServicesLeft Arrow Login credentials are a necessary component of Customer Loyalty and native Identify Services makes adding login easy. Add full Registration as a Service to your site or enhance your existing registration process with Social Login or Single Sign-On.

Comprehensive A/B Testing Rest assured you’re using the most effective calls to action and offering the most tempting rewards with comprehensive A/B testing across your loyalty program.

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