Marine Depot is the one-stop shop for aquarium supplies, where marine enthusiasts can find everything they need, from technical product specifications to reef aquarium information to expert advice on the hobby and friendly one-on-one customer support.


Marine Depot has worked hard to earn a loyal customer base, but knew a piece of the puzzle was missing. Their team was looking to reward their devoted shoppers, further strengthen loyalty, and foster a greater sense of community.

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The Annex Cloud team made implementation easy. They are experts in customer loyalty and helped us structure our rewards program based upon our customers' shopping behavior and known best practices. They are friendly, responsive, and extremely deadline-oriented. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Jeff Johnston
Marketing Manager at Marine Depot

Customer Success Story:

An Interview with Andy Brazelton, Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Group, Inc

Thanks to Annex Cloud, Marine Depot implemented an entirely new Customer Loyalty program and Referral Marketing solution, in addition to updating and migrating their Questions & Answers and Ratings & Reviews platforms. Annex Cloud’s unified platform of solutions like these, coupled with its dedicated Customer Success Team, was a clear differentiator in sales discussions, leading them to beat out several other Loyalty vendors.

The entire implementation was carried out exactly according to schedule, with Marine Depot relying on the Annex Cloud team for technical support as well as marketing strategies and best practices.

Customer Loyalty

Marine Depot’s comprehensive Customer Loyalty program is the centerpiece of its Annex Cloud solutions. Customers earn points for making purchases, in addition to on specific point earning actions on Marine Depot’s website and on social media. The list of loyalty actions includes:

  • Purchasing: Generally, purchases are rewarded at a fixed rate per dollar. However, certain products are worth more or less, and Marine Depot can set up campaigns that allows users to earn additional points for purchasing certain products, brands or categories special promotions.
  • Creating an Account
  • Referring Friends to the Marine Depot Site or to Purchase
  • Subscribing to their Newsletter
  • Writing a Review
  • Asking or Answering a Question

The Marine Depot team frequently runs promotions like double-point events, and they do an expert job of marketing their program. The entire Customer Loyalty solution was modeled by Annex Cloud, whose team advised on promotions like a special campaign for the launch of the loyalty program, in which members got bonus points per dollar spent

Referral Marketing

Marine Depot’s Referral Marketing solution strengthens the loyalty of customers who advocate for the brand while gathering highly qualified new shoppers. Referring customers are rewarded with loyalty points, while the referred new customer gets a discount. The solution is a Share and Save configuration, in which the referring customer is rewarded with points when their friend visits the Marine Depot website, but gets more points when their friend makes a purchase.
The Cloud Annex team advised Marine Depot to promote the referral program within emails and to direct users back to a page where the referral CTA automatically pops up on the screen.

User Generated Content

Annex Cloud also took over Marine Depot’s Ratings & Reviews and Questions & Answers platforms, migrating over 33,000 records. Both of these user generated content (UGC) solutions give shoppers useful information about Marine Depot’s products, which is especially vital given the technical nature of many of their offerings. The reviews are also SEO friendly. Annex Cloud’s complete platform has further strengthened Marine Depot's UGC by incentivizing contributions with loyalty points--shoppers are rewarded when they review a product, ask a question, or answer one.
In order to help shoppers as much as possible, Marine Depot uses badges for various reviewers, including “Expert Reviewer” and “Staff Review” labels. Additionally, users can add images to their reviews in order to better describe their experience with Marine Depot’s products.
Thanks to Annex Cloud’s Customer Success Team, Marine Depot is following a number of best practices that have increased engagement. They promote their review platform heavily, and send out post-purchase solicitation emails with CTAs for loyalty actions, including the submission of reviews.
When a shopper asks a question on Marine Depot’s Questions & Answers platform, their team of product experts is notified. They can then quickly post a well-informed response for the user--and everyone else--to see. Other shoppers can also add their input.

Results + Benefits

4x Reward Redemption Rate

Reward Redemption Rate

$24 in Revenue for $1 Given Out

$24 in Revenue for $1 Given Out

15% Conversion Rate Than Other Shoppers

Conversion Rate Than Other Shoppers

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