Learn Enterprise Loyalty at Annex Cloud’s New Loyalty Lounge

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Learn Enterprise Loyalty at Annex Cloud’s New Loyalty Lounge

Enterprise leaders can enjoy a Netflix-like experience while gaining the information they need to make informed decisions around loyalty

MCLEAN, VA, JANUARY 18, 2024 – Annex Cloud, a global, enterprise technology solutions provider of advanced customer loyalty management solutions and experiential customer retention software, today announced the launch of a new educational destination, the Loyalty Lounge. Delivering a Netflix-like experience, it provides the intelligence enterprises need to launch, design, implement, manage and measure an effective loyalty program in a fresh way.

The Loyalty Lounge is an exciting new hotspot with a community feel that serves up expert tips, insights and strategies on a wide range of loyalty-related topics in a wide range of content formats. Visitors can dig into blog articles, podcasts, videos, infographics, fact sheets and more. New subscribers gain access to exclusive members-only content.

Whether in the early stages of customer loyalty program or looking to elevate their existing, the Loyalty Lounge simplifies the tedious research process. It provides tips and tools on everything from considerations when selecting a platform and vendor, designing for maximum impact and implementing an effective loyalty solution to keeping it fresh and engaging, and measuring performance. While new content will continually be added, initial topics include:

  • Why loyalty—Learn why loyalty should be an integral part of your strategic growth plan and understand all the ways it benefits your business.
  • Design your loyalty experience—Gain expert tips on how to structure your program—including everything from points and tiers to partnerships, gamification and more.
  • Supersize your program performance—Learn how to fully leverage your customer loyalty program to drive growth, differentiate your brand and improve your customers’ experiences.
  • B2B loyalty bootcamp—Learn what’s unique about B2B loyalty vs. B2C, and gain insights on how to take your B2B relationships beyond discounts and differentiate your brand.
  • Choosing a loyalty solution—Learn what to look for in a customer loyalty solution—both the technology and the vendor—to ensure it delivers what you and your customers need today and tomorrow.

“The technology buying journey has changed. What used to be a fairly straightforward linear process has become a complex decision with as many as 30 individuals involved. Not all of them are at the same stage at the same time. And today’s buyers expect the same personalized experiences for business interactions as they do in their daily lives as consumers”, says Annex Cloud’s SVP of Growth and strategy Erin Raese. “We’re excited to give loyalty technology buyers, marketing, IT and loyalty managers a unique place to go that allows them to choose their own experience and engage with what they need based on where they are.”

Visit the Loyalty Lounge, powered by Annex Cloud.

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For more than 10 years, Annex Cloud has been the worldwide leader in technology that transforms customer loyalty experiences for global enterprises. Powered by the comprehensive, agile and scalable Loyalty Experience Platform™ solution suite, Annex Cloud customers can capture and act on zero- and first-party data to seamlessly engage, recognize, reward and add value across the entire customer journey—from awareness to purchase to retention, loyalty and advocacy. More than 125 integrations with market-leading technologies enable consistent, personalized, omnichannel experiences. The platform is SaaS-based and highly configurable, eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming development. Discover more at www.annexcloud.com.

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