Emotional and Everlasting Customer Connections

Connect, engage, and grow your customer relationships at scale. Hyper-personalize content at every touch-point across entire customer journeys from awareness to purchase to retention and advocacy - using the most comprehensive, flexible, and scalable Loyalty Experience Manager.

Annex Cloud's Loyalty Experience Manager combines best in class loyalty program management capabilities with powerful engagement modules to build attitudinal, emotional and empathic connections to your brand. The solution is built on an extensible SaaS architecture and integrated with the world's leading digital solutions for easy set up and integration, creating a seamless experience for your customers across all of your technology.

Loyalty Experience Manager Components



Imagine being able to track and communicate with your customers at every touch point. Imagine being able to speak to them in an empathic way.  Imagine being able to read their reviews and learn how they connect with other customers. Imagine being able to personalize messages and experiences based on all of this information. Imagine being able to gamify these experiences to drive further excitement and engagement. Imagine being able to act on all of your customer engagement ideas. The Annex Cloud Loyalty Experience Management delivers on your imagination.

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Now that you've collected data at every customer touch point, you need to action on it. You need to be able to take the insight gleaned and communicate with your customers at the right time, via the right channel, with the right message before, during and after their transaction. The Annex Cloud Loyalty Experience Manager provides the components you need to create the perfect customer experience. From social media integrations to SMS to email to print – we cover it all. 

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To further deliver personalized experiences, you need to personalize your customer reward selection. No two customers are alike. To reward each in the most meaningful way, you'll need flexibility, breadth and depth in your reward offering. With the Annex Cloud Loyalty Experience Manager, you can offer rewards through any shopping channel, online, in-store, through an app or a mix. Points, branded gift cards, 3rd party rewards, rebates – our solution can be configured to your rewards plan and custom built for your needs and industry.

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Program Types

Your business as well as specific customer segments may dictate different loyalty solution needs. Your objectives may be to lock in best customers or curb churn. The Annex Cloud Loyalty Experience Manager puts you in control of your program types, including the ability to implement multiple types for your business to address the special needs of your organization and your various customer segments. Paid/Premium and/or Free, Transactional and/or Behavioral, Individual and/or Coalition.


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