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Customizable action and event tracking helps foster genuine customer loyalty.

Engaged customers buy more frequently and customizable loyalty actions and events offers a way to boost engagement by rewarding customers for actions taken along the entire customer journey. You can set up rewards for everything from purchases to writing reviews, referring friends, uploading and sharing pictures, and connecting their social profiles. Integrated social actions and a native referral program makes integrating these customizable actions easy. And Annex Cloud’s development flexibility and expertise makes adding and changing loyalty actions and rewards easy and efficient.
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Flexible Rewards And Inclusive Rewards Management Makes Loyalty Easy For Your Team.

A successful loyalty strategy hinges on offering rewards customers actually want. Annex Cloud’s loyalty platform supports a wide variety of rewards including coupons, products, 3rd party gift cards, perks and gamified rewards as well as A/B testing to ensure your offering the best reward possible. The intuitive rewards management dashboard also makes monitoring and managing rewards easy and built in fraud prevention eliminates concerns.
Flexible Rewards And Inclusive Rewards Management
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Utilize a Powerful Segmentation And Campaigns Engine to Create Targeted Marketing

Personalization is more important than ever and Annex Cloud’s loyalty platform offers superior customer segmentation capability. The segmentation dashboard collates RFM and LTV data, customer demographics, social graph data, and customer engagement statistics in a single location allowing you to easily and quickly create advanced customers segments. Then the robust promotional engine gives you a way create and launch targeted campaigns to offers special rewards and bonus points for highly valued actions.
Powerful Segmentation And Campaigns Engine
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Comprehensive In-Store Loyalty Boosts Engagement And Participation

With pre-built POS integrations, loyalty training and rollout strategy, loyalty recruitment best practices, and store hierarchy management, Annex Cloud’s loyalty solution delivers extensive in-store capability.
Loyalty Boosts Engagement And Participation
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State of The Art Technology For Consumer Brand And Manufacturer Loyalty Solutions

Annex Cloud offers end to end loyalty solutions for manufacturers with a Native Receipt Scanning, e-receipt forwarding, packaging inserts, branded app barcode scanning, 3rd party integrations, and a Social Advocacy Manager. End to end loyalty enables manufacturers to connect with customers, collect valuable demographic and social graph data, and build brand loyalty without hampering retailer relationships.
Consumer Brand And Manufacturer Loyalty Solutions
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Unparalleled Social Support Built into Loyalty Helps Channel Customers’ Conversations into Real Revenue.

Annex Cloud’s customer loyalty solution offers native social sharing and referrals, social connect, and social advocacy management to incent and reward social activity related to your brand. The Social Advocacy Manager creates a way to discover customers who are talking about your brand on social media, connect with them, gather contact info and social graph data, and continue to nurture social engagement with loyalty rewards.
Loyalty Helps Channel Customers
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Powerful Mobile Support Delivers Exceptional Customer Experiences.

Annex Cloud’s loyalty solutions are fully mobile responsive and adaptive and offer responsive and native IOs and Android SDKs to integrate loyalty data and capabilities effortlessly into your branded app.
Powerful Mobile Support
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Pre-Built And Native Marketing Eco-System Integrations Make Implementation Easy.

Annex Cloud’s expansive network of partners and native advocate marketing solutions makes incorporating customer loyalty into your marketing eco-system and strategy easy. Not only can you avoid the technical headache of integrations but, the unified customer loyalty and advocate marketing platform offers more cohesive data and a truly seamless customer experience.
Pre-Built And Native Marketing
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Intuitive Loyalty Reporting And Analytics Helps Uncover Insights About Your Customers.

Annex Cloud’s loyalty dashboard delivers a comprehensive view of your loyalty program in a single location. Customizable and scheduled reports offer insights into every aspect of your loyalty program from customer participation to revenue, loyalty marketing success, and liability. Annex Cloud’s focus on customer loyalty offers a unique ability to analyze, draw insight, and continuously optimize your program.
Loyalty Reporting And Analytics
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We Ensure Continuous Optimization Driven By A Dedicated Customer Success Team.

Annex Cloud’s managed services is the power behind the customer loyalty platform. Your dedicated customer success team will work with you throughout the process from strategy through implementation. Regular business reviews, strategy meetings, and A/B testing ensures your program continues to deliver results.
Customer Success

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