Extend the reach of your Visual Commerce content and inspire more customers at the moment of purchase.

Our Content Syndication Network is the central source of visual commerce content for brands, manufacturers, and multi-brand companies.
Visual Commerce content
Visual Commerce content
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For Manufacturing:

With manufacturer syndication you can broaden the reach of your Visual Commerce content and collect more content for use on your website and in your marketing campaigns. Syndication builds a channel to share content with the retailers in your supply chain, get your content in front of more customers, set yourself apart from your competitors, and ultimately increase sales by influencing customer purchase decisions no matter where they are buying your products.

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For Retail:

When customers share pictures of products more often than not they name or hashtag the brand in the caption. Syndication creates a channel to collect this valuable content from your manufacturers and display it on your website and across your marketing campaigns. Syndication and intuitive moderation and curation dashboards make rights management and product association easy.

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For Multi-Brand Businesses:

If you run multiple sites with overlapping products and categories, syndication makes displaying Visual Commerce across your multiple websites easy. You can curate, moderate, manage rights, associate products, and syndicate content to multiple sites through a single dashboard.

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