Moderate, manage image rights, and curate content in a single dashboard.

Quickly approve the images that meet your brand guidelines and disapprove those that don’t. Or upgrade to include our moderation service and all you need to do is provide us with your brand guidelines and we’ll handle the rest.

     Auto-Moderation: A customized list of keywords can be uploaded and used to automatically disapprove images with captions containing a blocked word.

Manage Rights

Within your moderation dashboard, explicit image rights management is a simple 3 step process.


Request permission through the dashboard to post a comment on your customer’s picture or video requesting permission to use it. This is a great opportunity to engage and thank your customer for sharing.

Visual Commerce Send Request


You customer simply responds with a specialized confirmation hashtag of your choice.

Visual Commerce Request Confirmation


As soon as the confirmation hashtag is posted, your curation dashboard will update indicating the image was approved and you can start using it across your website and marketing campaigns.

Visual Commerce Request Approval


With an easy product association process and advanced publish settings getting new Visual Commerce content onto your site is a breeze.

Product Association: Either integrate your product data feed to automatically associate images to products and categories, or use our curation interface to manually enter product names and urls to associate.

Advanced Publish Settings: Within the same dashboard pick and choose where you want your Visual Commerce content to be displayed. Select from any of the galleries, widgets, sliders or landing pages enabled with visual commerce across your site.

Hot Spotting: Ensure your customers can pinpoint the products you are featuring in your Visual Commerce content. Add a hot spot to any image to highlight and link to the product being featured so your customers can easily find it.

Visual Commerce Curation

Visual Commerce Moderation Designed for Teams

Our moderation dashboard is built with teams in mind.

Multi-Level Curation: Establish multiple permission levels within your dashboard, grant admin access to specific individuals within your team, and create admin profiles for your manufacturers to manage their brand’s Visual Commerce content. With multiple permission levels you can assign teams within your company specific access to moderate, manage image rights, and associate products.

Audit Trail: Keep track of your moderation and curation process and have peace of mind knowing who within your team moderated and curated each image.

Visual Commerce Moderation

Book icon  Free White Paper:

The Fundamentals of Visual Commerce Rights Management

Are you collecting the right permissions to use your customers’ pictures? Check out the white paper for tips and best practices to make sure you’re always in the clear when marketing with visual commerce assets.

Guide to Visual commerce

Check out our industry-leading tips to ensure you have full permission to display and repackage your customers’ pictures for any advertising channels.

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