Build More Resilient Customer Relationships By Guiding Customer Behavior

Loyalty marketing is a popular strategy among top brands. Unfortunately, this has led to a noisy space where it is hard to grab and keep customers’ attention. When customers have so many choices of loyalty programs to participate in, keeping customers engaged on an ongoing basis and guiding them to take the actions you want is almost impossible.

What if there was a way to build a more robust loyalty strategy? One that proactively guides your customers to take the actions you need them to take and produces resilient customer relationships. Social and Behavioral Loyalty does just that. By combining a strategic solutions including Social Login, Referral Marketing , and User Generated Content with Customer Loyalty, you can encourage customers to take action and reward the activities you value the most.

Recruitment Awareness

Behavioral Loyalty

Behavioral loyalty offers a solution to collect, store, and review customer behavioral data. You can easily track trends and identify opportunities to proactively incentivize customers to take action. For example, customers are frequently buying a product but aren’t returning to write a review, even with a well-timed review solicitation email. Offering loyalty points for writing a review draws customers back and significantly increases review submission rates.

Behavioral Loyalty Actions

Whether you want to proactively reward customers for taking action or just keep an eye on your customer’s behavior, you can review numerous customer data points in a single dashboard.

  • Writing Reviews
  • Answering Fellow Customers’ Questions
  • Creating an Account
  • Signing Up for Your Newsletter
  • Filling out Account Profile Data
  • Attending Events
  • Customer Behaviors Tailored to Your Business

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Recruitment Awareness

Social Loyalty

Quantify your social media marketing efforts by tieing revenue-based KPIs to your social media numbers. Social Loyalty helps you better understand how social media engagement is impacting your bottom line. Unearth insights such as, the lifetime value of customers who are connected through Facebook vs. customers who aren’t. And, discover what social media engagement you need to encourage to boost conversion and revenue.

Social Loyalty Section
Social Advocacy
Loyalty Account Creation
Engaging Customers
Turning Customers

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