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The New Digital Imperative: Transform Loyalty Into A Strategic Weapon – And Who’s Doing it Well

Gain 5 steps to bring Loyalty - as your secret weapon - to life for your organization. To win, serve, and retain today’s digitally-savvy consumers, companies must offer relevancy and perceivable value all along the customer journey.

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A New Look at Loyalty as a Business-critical Growth Strategy

More than 90% of companies have some sort of loyalty program, But how well does that program meet today’s demanding consumers and deliver within our now full-on digital experience? How important is loyalty to your overall growth?

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How to Build Brand-to-Human Relationships in a Digital World

In this webinar we discuss the most significant challenges organizations are looking to solve in this full-on digital world. Learn about simple, yet powerful, strategies you can put into action that add a personal touch to every digital interaction, elevate your customer experience and drive growth.

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Nu Skin Driving Customer Loyalty with SAP Marketing Cloud and Annex Cloud

Hear directly from Nu Skin, a leader in the personal care products market, about how SAP Marketing Cloud combines with the Customer Loyalty Cloud from Annex Cloud to deliver an integrated marketing solution.

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Customer Loyalty in the Age of Amazon

Want to create sustainable growth in a constantly changing eCommerce landscape? Annex Cloud and Enceiba talk about how to increase customer loyalty by working with and against Amazon.

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The Roadmap to Ecommerce Success

Join Annex Cloud and Corra. Learn how 7 For All Mankind, Beyond Yoga, and Sugarfina are increasing conversion and overall revenue.

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Advocate Loyalty with LYONSCG and Annex Cloud

This webinar will explore our partnership and showcase how advocate marketing and customer loyalty, whether on their own or combined, deliver superior results.

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When Loyal Meets Social: Online & In-Store

Discover hidden tricks for making a major impact on your retention numbers in this challenging age.

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12 Ways to Turn Customers Into Advocates

In this webinar, we'll take an in-depth look at 12 of the most important things you can do to turn shoppers into advocates for your company. Discover which businesses are flourishing with advocate marketing, and how you can emulate their tactics.

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