The Incentive Engine helps create rewards that can be used as marketing incentives by businesses either within loyalty programs or without loyalty programs. The benefits of these types of incentives could include a certain percentage off on purchase or a specific amount discount.
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Annex Cloud’s Incentive Engine offers two types of redemptions - Full and Partial.

Full Redemption

A full redemption yields the reward points on a comprehensive basis. The redeemed products can offer discounts as a percentage or in the form of a fixed rate coupon. The format of the rewards can be provided as coupon codes and voucher codes.

coupon code

Gift Card Voucher/Discount Coupon Code

Annex Cloud Coupon/Voucher code entitles the holder to a discount off on a particular product or service.

  • The coupon/voucher code can be applied while checking out and is only on product/service price and not on tax.
  • The coupon/voucher code can be set to expire after a specified time interval
  • Coupon/Voucher codes are an effective way to track your marketing efforts to see which platforms are generating the most traffic or leading to conversions
  • Depending on your program requirements, you can configure the redemption limit of a coupon/voucher.
  • The coupon/voucher code can be a percentage base or fixed amount.

Partial Redemption

Unlike a full redemption, a partial redemption allows rewards to be redeemed in portions - leaving the rest available to be redeemed later. This includes a redemption of rewards in the form of products such as gift cards and store cards.


Store Credit Cards

The store credit strengthens customer loyalty by offering credit points on their current purchases. The consumer can redeem their credit points in the form of discounts during their future purchases as well. The code issuers, generally store owners and IEM admin users, can create a code and assign a specific value to it.

When the consumer places a new order, the store credit (if applicable) is applied while making the purchase.


Prepaid Gift Cards

Annex Cloud gift cards allow clients to sell digital gift cards on their platform. Annex Cloud gift cards are a form of prepaid debit cards that contains a specific amount of money available for use for a variety of purchases on client websites. As gift cards are redeemable only for purchases and cannot be cashed out, they are a perfect solution to increase revenue & sales among all customer segments.

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gift card

Virtual Prepaid Cards

Annex Cloud Virtual Prepaid Cards are used to make payments for on-going transactions while providing the benefit of being able to use online and over the phone orders. Your program participants receive benefits of a prepaid card, only faster and without the plastic. Annex Cloud is pioneering this shift in consumer behavior by providing seamless, innovative and user-friendly ways for leveraging virtual card benefits within loyalty programs.

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Features of Annex Cloud's Reward Card


Powerful API structure and user-friendly dashboard to create incentives and assign to users


Predefined value gift cards which are customizable


IEM can be used as a standalone module or can be connected with loyalty and RAF


Import and export gift card codes with a quick CSV bulk import/export functionality


Code Configuration Customization


The Coupon/Voucher codes can be of any length and no limit for any type/character

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Benefits of Reward Card

  • Amount discount

    Applies a certain amount off after code redemption and specifies the value of the amount in USD ($).

  • Percentage discount

    Modify the percentage value (%) and maximum amount desired for a discount to any required amount.

  • Product benefit

    You can assign SKUs to one incentive code and apply the assigned product as a benefit for redemption.

  • Assign to Modules

    This capability allows us to assign the codes in the group to the RAF / Loyalty Module. Here the goal is to create the codes in the incentive engine module and RAF / Loyalty can use these codes in their module.

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