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Referral marketing Challenge


Whether it’s online via social media, mentioning a brand in an email to a friend, or talking about the products they love face-to-face, your customers are talking about your brand. Their social networks are full of people just like them who will love your brand if they get the chance. Unfortunately, without an established channel, brands don’t have a way to track these kinds of recommendations and more importantly lack a way to proactively encourage and foster this type of customer engagement, thereby losing out on a wealth of potential, highly qualified customers.

Referral marketing Challenge


Referral Marketing creates a channel for your customers to share your brand with their friends and family. Tailor-built functionality makes it possible to implement a strategy that fits any need. From social media integration to email, and in-person recommendations you can proactively cultivate referrals anywhere, and comprehensive reporting helps you track and optimize your various referral channels.

Find all your answers to your Referral Marketing questions. Our product specialists helped answer our customers’ most common questions in our Referral Marketing FAQ.

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Referral marketing Solution

Referral Program Benefits

  • Referral Marketing helps efficiently expand your customer base at minimal cost
  • Referred customers have on an average 25% higher lifetime value than other customers
  • Referral Marketing creates a way to increase overall customer engagement with your brand
  • Comprehensive analytics and integrations with third-party tools including ESP and POS make it easy to build and test referral marketing campaigns to grow engagement and referral numbers

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Referral marketing program - Benefits

Free Case Study:

Premier Eyewear Retailer

"Our relationship with Annex Cloud has truly benefited our company. We've always looked to their customer success team and platform to help us spread our name and gain new customers, and our recent work together is no exception. Technical updates on the referral software were quick and straightforward, and the team provided us with excellent support. All in all, the outcome has been phenomenal."

eCommerce Executive at a Premiere Eyeware Retailer

Learn how our client doubled their order rates with a referral program refresh.

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