Energize your customers to boost acquisition. Contests get your customers excited about your brand and create a way to efficiently strengthen brand awareness and build up your email database.
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Contests and Referral Marketing

Integrate contests into any of your referral marketing campaigns and reward customers with contest entries for their referral activities. Contests give you a way to offer more lucrative incentives without breaking the bank.

Contests and Customer Loyalty

As with any of Annex Cloud’s solutions, Contests and Customer Loyalty can be combined seamlessly. Offer loyalty points as a reward for contest entries to drive higher participation and customer acquisition.
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Contest Prizes and Delivery

We bring best practice knowledge and expertise to help you determine what kind of incentive your customers will respond best to. Offer anything from gift cards to products and outside the box experiences.

Increased Participation

Our customer success team works with you to ensure your customers are engaged with your contests and excited about your brand through marketing channels including email, social media, and in-store displays.


Contests always follow your brand guidelines in both look and feel to fit seamlessly within your website.

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