Moderation Made Easy:

Our intuitive dashboard makes the moderation process a breeze. Efficiently approve and disapprove reviews, sort them to find the ones you’re looking for, reply to customers, tag reviews with different attributes, and assign reviews to different team members and departments for further inspection, all in a single dashboard.

Ratings and Reviews Moderation

Multi-Level Moderation:

Depending on your needs you can utilize a variety of moderation methods.

Auto-Moderation with a Profanity API

With an automated profanity API you can block profane reviews before they are submitted and give users an opportunity to edit and re-submit their reviews.

Ratings and Reviews Moderation API

Auto-Moderation with Customized Keywords

Upload a keyword list to your dashboard to automatically block or flag reviews that contain any of the keywords. Blocked reviews are automatically disapproved, while flagged reviews are highlighted to be quickly reviewed.

Ratings and Reviews Customized Keywords

Human Moderation

All review content is stored in your dashboard and you can approve, disapprove, and reply to content manually at any time. Or upgrade and Annex Cloud’s moderation team will handle it for you.

Ratings and Reviews Human Moderation

Moderation Designed for Teams

Review moderation and customer concerns often involves multiple teams, from marketing managers to your product experts, merchandising, and logistics. Our Moderation Dashboard is built with collaboration in mind.

  • Multi-Level Moderation Permissions
    Assign different teams and employees varying levels of access to your moderation process depending on their job requirements.
  • Moderation Workflow
    Resolve customer service issues quickly and continuously improve merchandising with moderation workflow. Addattributes to reviews and pass them onto to the appropriate team for further examination. You can also schedule reports for designated admins to analyze any review moderation issues on a regular basis.
Ratings and Reviews Moderation Workflow

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