Visual commerce Challenge
Challenge Customers often have some skepticism about buying new products, especially when they are purchasing online. And, now more than ever, they have a seemingly unlimited number of choices to choose from. This combination of factors have driven customers to routinely research the products they are thinking about buying, whether they’re browsing in a store or shopping online. Without a proper platform, brands and companies have no way to ensure customers find positive sentiments during their research.
Ratings and Reviews Challenge
Solution Ratings and Reviews offers a way to solicit, collect, and display authentic customer opinions about your products and brands. A fully omni-channel solution ensures your user generated content (UGC) reaches your customers no matter where or how they are shopping and researching to dramatically increase conversion. Find out how our customer success team answers your top Ratings and Reviews questions!Left Arrow Read Now Button
Ratings and Reviews Solution
Ratings and Reviews Solution


  • Ratings and Reviews adds authenticity and trust and eases customer doubt to significantly increase conversion rates.
  • Ratings and Reviews gives your merchandising, customer service, and marketing teams an unbiased view of what customers’preferences and perceptions about your brand. This empowers them to proactively improve the overall customer experience.
  • Omni-channel functionality ensures the experience of both submitting and reading reviews is excellent no matter where a customer is.
  • Agile moderation dashboards make reviewing and approving UGC content easier than ever and significantly reduces the impact on your team.

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Ratings and Reviews Benefits

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