Loyalty is all about the two way value exchange

Loyalty is all about the two way value exchange between you and your customer. Annex Cloud’s Q&A feature, allows you to build engagement moments with your customers; specifically around topics that matter most to them. The Question & Answer functionality includes Q&A features, moderation of those conversations, syndication of the conversations and supporting analytics.


Challenge VS Solution

Questions & Answers Software Challenge

  • Typical customer queries on a product may range from information about detailed specifications to subjective experiences, product use cases & more.
  • Online shoppers seek authentic & crisp information that is not just relevant but also helps them effectively in their purchasing decision.

Questions and Answers Software Solution

  • Questions and Answers give your shoppers the ability to instantly ask anyone--from product experts to fellow consumers--questions about your products.
  • Instead of being frustrated by a lack of information, customers can have a real dialogue on your site. A quick response from a qualified individual increases trust strengthens engagement and ultimately boosts conversion.

Question & Answers Features

  • Both your team and your customers will benefit from Questions and Answers’ comprehensive features and robust capabilities. Learn More

How it Works


Your product pages won’t always have all the information your customers want.

How It Works
How It Works

Question Form

When that happens, they can submit questions of their own.

Rapid Response

After a shopper submits a question, it will be sent to whomever is best suited to answer, whether they’re a product expert or a verified customer.

How It Works
How It Works


A combination of auto moderation and manual moderation allows you to easily approve and disapprove both questions and answers, ensuring the content on your site is appropriate and meets your brand guidelines.
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Published Q&A

Once a question has been answered, the shopper who submitted it will be notified. The question and answer will also be published on the product page for others to see.

How It Works
How It Works


When a question and answer have been submitted and approved, you have the opportunity to syndicate the content across your brands or a variety of web properties in your supply chain. For example, you can have the Q&A posted on the site of a retailer of sells your products, or on the site of a manufacturer who produces products you sell.
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Integrate seamlessly with your ESP to quickly engage with your Questions and Answers users. Email verified customers to answer shoppers’ questions, and notify current Q&A users as soon as their concerns have been cleared up.

How It Works
How It Works


Comprehensive reporting enables you to regularly monitor the impact of Questions and Answers on your bottom line and track engagement to better respond to customer needs and improve customer satisfaction.

Questions & Answers Software Benefits

  • Lift conversion by giving shoppers trustworthy and helpful content.
  • Reduce returns and complaints by helping customers make more informed purchases.
  • Cultivate long-term loyalty and increase average order values by showing your community that you're here to help.
  • Utilize features like Questions and Answers Syndication and email triggers to reach the biggest audience as quickly as possible.
  • Take advantage of Questions and Answers and analytics dashboards to guarantee speedy customer service, analyze customer feedback, and ensure that your solution is earning its keep.
Questions and Answers

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