Know your customers on
every level

Collect customer values, preferences and other relevant attributes over time to leverage across your business. 

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Leverage a constant cycle of intelligence

Continually add customer profile data from any touchpoint

Deep loyalty member data

  • Loyalty ID
  • Member profile & address
  • Geography or business region
  • Opt-in date & status
  • Available points
  • Used points
  • Lifetime points
  • Current tier
  • Next tier
  • Points to next tier
  • Points to next reward
  • Last activity date
  • Points expiration date
  • Points to expire
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Data from actions

  • Purchase
  • Purchase location
  • Cross-brand purchase
  • Channel engagement
  • Earned reward
  • Redeemed reward
  • Campaign participation
  • Event participation
  • Referred friends
  • Social posting
  • Online Visual Commerce
  • Online Questions & Answers
  • Online Ratings & Reviews
  • Community comments
  • Customer review photo
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Data from surveys

Ask your members one or a series of questions using the Annex Cloud Survey feature to collect valuable zero-party data

  • Communication preferences 
  • Style preferences 
  • Lifestyle preferences 
  • Travel preferences 
  • Vehicle descriptors 
  • Related members 
  • Family or pet names 
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Configurable custom attributes

  • Create and collect attributes you define to suit your business and members
  • Engage members individually or within segments you define
  • Use any combination of attributes, like matching members with product lists, product categories, and their favorite store
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