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Today’s consumers are everywhere, and the most successful brands meet their customers where they are. According to Commerce Hub, 86% of shoppers regularly hop across at least two channels.

An Omnichannel Strategy Benefits Customers and Brands

Omnichannel experiences are centered around the customer and make it easy for them to seamlessly interact across multiple devices, touchpoints, and channels. Time and convenience are now must-haves when it comes to consumers clicking buy now—and the brands that make it quick and effortless to act on customers’ preferred channels win.

An Omnichannel Strategy Drives More Sales and Revenue for Brands

According to Google, omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel.

Target reports omnichannel consumers spend 4X as much as store-only consumers, and 10X more than digital-only consumers.

Reduce Customer Churn

In addition to increasing customer lifetime value, the ability to deliver strong omnichannel customer experiences helps brands keep customer churn under control. Aberdeen Group reports that companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to just 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement.

How Loyalty Supports Omnichannel Experiences

According to McKinsey & Company, omnichannel excellence requires a laser-like focus on value creation. Since loyalty is built around a mutual value exchange, it makes perfect sense that brands make their loyalty strategy an integral part of their omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel Loyalty in Action

End-to-end omnichannel experiences span the entire customer journey and happen across any channel. Here’s a summary of what the journey can look and feel like when you leverage the right loyalty solution to tie together every touchpoint.


Know who every customer is no matter where they shop. Individualize recommendations, show available rewards, what they can earn, and how to reach the next tier.


Show customer rewards earned with purchases on product pages and in the shopping cart and apply them no matter where they choose to buy.


Ensure customers never miss out on a reward by paying and earning rewards with the same card across any of their preferred channels.


Customers can check their status as well as earn and redeem rewards using any of their preferred channels—in-store, online, or on mobile.


Robust first-party data enables timely, relevant personalized marketing messages and offers via social, email, SMS, mobile, and more.


Customer support representatives know customer preferences, history, preferred communication channels, and what they need help with.

What’s Standing in the Way

While most enterprises clearly understand the urgency to provide cohesive omnichannel experiences, technology selections often limit, rather than enhance their ability to deliver. For example, their ecommerce and POS systems don’t speak to each other—meaning their POS solution creates offers that can only be used at their POS, and likewise for their ecommerce technology. It’s not enough to engage with customers across multiple channels—they must be seamlessly tied together. The Institute for Management Development reports brands that can’t accept offers across channels lose out on up to 30 percent of sales.

While companies can be tempted to focus on optimizing individual touchpoints, believing that the whole will automatically be greater than the sum of its parts, such targeted intervention can magnify variations in service and inconsistencies in other interactions.”

McKinsey & Company

According to BigCommerce, the move from offline to online channels isn’t the only behavior shift enterprises are dealing with. As a result of the pandemic, consumers tried new products and brands, and developed new preferences in the process. That’s why knowing your customers behaviors and preferences is critical to being able to deliver omnichannel their way—and being able to collect and act on robust first-customer loyalty data in real time lets brands be where their customers are, delivering timely, relevant products, messages, offers, and value.

How to Bridge the Gap

Technology solutions like Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform™ connect an enterprise’s tech stack, pushing robust first-party customer data across every touchpoint to personalize and add relevant value to every interaction across the customer journey. In addition to Annex Cloud’s extensive partner network and pre-built integrations, these recent enhancements help brands bridge the omnichannel divide and deliver the experiences their customers demand.

Real-life Omnichannel Examples

Here are a few examples of brands that are moving the needle on their omnichannel experience deliver—and reaping the rewards.

What began as an online-only venture has quickly turned into one of the greatest omnichannel examples in commerce. Not only do customers have access to their profile via the Amazon website, but they also have access to this same information via:

The mobile app

Alexa devices



Customers can take their Amazon card with them virtually everywhere, thanks to the brand’s seamless omnichannel approach. Not only can they place and track orders, but they can now choose to pick those orders up in-store, at various “lockers,” or still have them delivered to their doorstep. Need a repeat purchase or something added to your shopping list? Easy—simply manually add it via your smartphone or instruct your Alexa device to add the item to your shopping list for you.

Best Buy has elevated the in-store experience with curated offerings that allow customers to explore smart-home technology solutions, which they pair with free in-home advisory services. The retailer’s mobile app allows customers to “scan to shop” from catalogs and curbside—and offers the ability to buy online for pickup in-store, making it easier for consumers to move through the journey, supported by 24/7 tech support from the company’s Geek Squad. These investments have paid off. Customers signed up in droves to participate in Best Buy’s Total Tech Support offer, with memberships soaring from 200,000 at launch in 2018 to two million one year later. And they found that customers who avail themselves of it spend more and generate more profits than those who don’t.

Value City Furniture recently implemented an “easy pass” to help shoppers online and in-store. Customers want to be able to see the product before they commit to purchasing it. The brand’s easy pass feature keeps a shopper’s data all in one place, so if given a quote in-store, they can have that added to their online account to make a purchase from the comfort of their home, allowing them a chance to “think on it.” It also works in reverse. If a consumer has a digital Wishlist, they can have a store employee bring up their account, so they can finish their purchase in-store after they’ve had a chance to look at the product in person.

The Walgreens rewards balance program allows consumers to earn rewards points in a variety of different ways, including:

In-store purchases

Online purchases

Activity tracking by connecting fitness apps to the Walgreens app

Filling out vital health information surveys

Getting in-store vaccinations and more

Once a consumer has collected enough points, they can turn them into cash by redeeming them during purchases in store or online.

Let Annex Cloud Fill the Gaps in Your Omnichannel Strategy

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