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Annex Cloud Market Movers is a series of short videos with industry leading influencers and thought leaders to help brands, manufacturers, retailers and distributors be laser focused on the “certain” elements of their business that can be controlled as opposed to the “uncertain” elements that are out of their control.

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Mark Ross-Smith

CEO, Loyalty Data Co

There’s no doubt that airlines are synonymous with Loyalty & Rewards Programs. Many would say that they are loyal to their airline not because of service but because of the rewards and tear levels tied to their program.

In this Market Movers interview, Al Lalani, Co-Founder of Annex Cloud, chats with loyalty advocate Mark Ross-Smith, CEO of Loyalty Data Co and content writer at, about the airline & travel industry, the impact of COVID-19 to the industry and best practices from the travel industry for designing your own loyalty & rewards program.

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