A powerful combination of a dedicated customer success team and intuitive, easy to use loyalty dashboards makes program management a breeze.

Your customer success manager will work with you to define your loyalty structure, outline your loyalty actions and campaigns, and integrate a Customer Reward Redemption process that works for your goals and your team needs. Meanwhile, intuitive dashboards give your team a way to work independently, make adjustments to your program, and track program management whenever they need to.

Three Phases of Program Management

Reward Structure

Define Your Reward Structure:

  • Points Based
  • Levels
  • Tiered
  • Badged
Reward Structure

Outline Loyalty Actions, Events, and Campaigns:

  • Number of Points a Customer Earns Per Purchase
  • Special Event Campaigns
  • Advocacy Reward Opportunities
Reward Structure

Manage Customer Reward Redemption:

  • Online Reward Redemption via Checkout Integration or Reward Code
  • In-Store Reward Redemption Process
  • Reward Redemption Through 3rd Parties

Complete Access to Loyalty Program Management


Track Loyalty Points for Individual Customers or In Aggregate

Monitor Reward Redemption for Individual Customers or In Aggregate


Schedule and Update Loyalty Campaigns

Empower Customer Service to Handle Customer Loyalty Inquiries


Free Loyalty Case Study:


“The Annex Cloud team made implementation easy. They are experts in customer loyalty and helped us structure our rewards program based upon our customers' shopping behavior and known best practices. They are friendly, responsive, and extremely deadline-oriented. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.”

Jeff Johnston, Marketing Manager at Marine Depot

Learn how Marine Depot strengthened their customer relationships and built a community around their brand.