Engagement is the key to a successful loyalty program. Gamification is a great way to build excitement, engagement, loyalty, and brand awareness.


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BioSteel uses gamification to engage customers by using badges to connect with athletes. They use an action series to get customers to interact, purchase, and get more points and rewards.

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Canadian Olympic Committee uses gamification to engage fans with their Olympic team members. Fans can engage and compete, tracking via their own leaderboard!

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Chipotle rewards their customers with special badges for different interactions, content sharing and purchases. Badges are a great way to recognize customers without having to award discounts or points.

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“I’m recommending gamification, and specifically badging, to prospects and clients more and more lately. Badging and gamification tactics are great ways to not only engage customers but to recognize them. As loyalty marketers, we often get caught up in awarding points and giving discounts. Giving customers a badge as recognition for an action like a referral, a great review, or even a purchase goes a long way. And it’s free!”

— Erin Raese, SVP, Annex Cloud


Badges, used strategically, can elevate your loyalty strategy and customer engagement in ways that drive desired behavior exponentially without adding discounts and costs. Some use cases to consider:

  • Badges can be used as an instant gratification feature as well as unlocked as a surprise and delight offering
  • Badges are an effective way to represent levels earned by a customer in a challenge
  • Customers are eligible to earn multiple badges at once
  • Badges can be used by customers as a form of redemption to unlock benefits as well as showcase their engagement with your brand
  • Badges can be divided into groups and subgroups, like business badges or gaming badges, etc.
  • Badges can be assigned for non-purchase-based activities like site login frequency, devices connected, filling out surveys, etc.
  • Brands can leverage earned customer badges and feature them on their website acknowledging their achievements
  • Earned customer badges empower them to earn 1.2X times more points versus a regular purchaser, fast-tracking their loyalty journey
  • Badges can have an expiration date, which drives customers to cash in on the perks of the badge
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Keeping customers engaged means keeping your loyalty programs interesting and exciting. If you have an audience of competitors—as an example, you’re a sporting goods retailer or manufacturer—consider creating a leaderboard to provide a competitive yet fun environment.

Leaderboards provide a great way for customers to view their performance compared to others. Multiple leaderboards can be hosted on your site to feature customer performance based on purchase behavior or earned or redeemed points. Benefits include:

  • Customers can look at their real-time performance compared to all other active users of the brand.
  • Analysis of customer data allows better understanding of customer needs and behavior
It’s easy to implement!

From a marketer’s perspective, you can create a segment in the loyalty system based on business rules, then feature this segment within the leaderboard. Annex Cloud provides API capabilities to retrieve this information to display on your website or backend system.

Action Series

Action series are a way to engage customers in a series of short-term actions that drive engagement or purchases with your brand. An action series can work as a digital form of punch cards.

If you want to drive engagement or transactions over several weeks, institute an action series. Ask customers to complete a series of actions. In exchange, reward them with badges, bonus points, or even a reward.
Here’s how:

  • Actions are set up within the Annex Cloud loyalty solution to incentivize customers for activities
  • An action series group can be created within the loyalty system consisting of multiple actions
  • Rules for every action within the group can be customized to fit your business and marketing needs
  • Surprise and delight customers with additional promotions
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Advanced Campaign Management

Use our Advanced Campaign Management feature to run promotions that build engagement and make interacting with your brand fun.

  • Enhances the power of campaigns by permitting marketers to create milestones within a campaign
  • A campaign can consist of one or more milestones
  • Successfully completing every milestone can provide benefits to customers along the way
  • Customer can receive badges, points, or special recognition when they hit each milestone

Once all milestones within the campaign are completed, customers can earn a bonus badge or other bonus in the form of points, a coupon, or a reward. This increases engagement and provides instant gratification to customers for engaging with your brand

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