Loyalty Experience Platform

Everything You Need in a Loyalty Solution


Annex Cloud's Loyalty Experience Platform combines best in class:

  • Loyalty experience management capabilities with
  • Powerful engagement modules to build attitudinal, emotional and empathic connections, and
  • The communication management to deliver those message and experiences to your customers.

The solution is built on an extensible SaaS architecture and integrated with the world's leading digital solutions for:

  • easy set up and integration,
  • creating a seamless omni-channel experience for your customers

Loyalty Experience Manager

Program Types

No matter your company size, industry, customers (B2C or B2B), or digital maturity, there are multiple program offerings that will help to grow your business. Each of these is available as individual program types or can be combined, targeting specific segments or behaviors. Click on the following capabilities to learn more.



To reward each customer in the most meaningful way, you'll need flexibility, breadth, and depth in your reward offering. You can offer rewards through any shopping channel. Our solution can be configured to your rewards plan and custom-built for your needs and industry. Click on the following capabilities to learn more.

Engagement Experience Manager


Imagine being able to track and communicate with your customers at every touchpoint and speak to them in an empathic way. Imagine being able to read their reviews. Imagine being able to personalize messages and experiences based on all of this information. Now, gamify it! All of these features are available in the engagement experience manager. Click on the following capabilities to learn more.


Customer Experience Manager


A Web Interface for Loyalty

Offer your customers direct program access to register, manage and redeem rewards with state-of-the-art security. We offer web experiences that create a great customer experience without burdening your IT department.


Trusted by top B2B and B2C partners

Loyalty Engine


Data Management

Data Management contains all the Loyalty Member first-party profile, behavioral and transactional data, as well as an intelligent segmentation engine for dynamic targeting. Click on the following capabilities to learn more.



Intelligent orchestration is vital to ensure each customer engagement is contextually relevant and personalized. Click on the following capabilities to learn more.



The foundation allows the platform to be completely agile, scalable, and easy to build on and scale. These components make that happen. Click on the following capabilities to learn more.

Communications Experience Manager

Deliver the personalized experiences your customers desire via any channel


Today’s consumers are omnipresent. The typical customer journey is spread across multiple touchpoints leveraging multiple devices. It is critical to ensure the customer’s experience is consistent each time they engage with your brand. Click on the following capabilities to learn more.


To deliver those experiences quickly and easily, we have over 125 pre-defined integrations across most organizations’ tech stacks. Click on the categories below to learn more.

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