Data Management

Loyalty Data Creates the Full View of Your Customers

Loyalty programs are the most viable source of ethically and legally sourced customer data. Only loyalty allows you to incentivize customers to become members and take action. Annex Cloud progressively captures unique new zero- and first-party data from these actions.

Progressive Profiling

Progressive Profiling

Only a loyalty program can offer both an incentive and a reward for taking actions that create new member data.

Capture Deep Member Data

Capture Deep Member Profiles

The Member Profile provides a holistic view of all loyalty member attributes, in combination with protective scoring.

Capture Data from Actions

Capture Data from Actions

Behavioral data is captured as members engage across all channels.

Capture Custom Attributes

Capture Custom Attributes

Create and capture an unlimited number of attribute fields from profile questions, surveys and contests.

The Annex Cloud Loyalty Experience Platform™️ supports progressive profiling, capturing member data from multiple sources and creating a “Golden Profile”.

  • Loyalty ID
  • Member Profile & Address
  • Opt-in Date & Status
  • Available Points
  • Used Points
  • Lifetime Points
  • Current Tier
  • Next Tier
  • Points to Next Tier
  • Points to Next Reward
  • Last Activity Date
  • Points Expiration Date
  • Points to Expire
  • Ways to Earn
  • Ways to Redeem
  • Purchases
  • Purchase Location
  • Cross-Brand Purchase
  • Channel Engagement
  • Earned Reward
  • Reward Redeemed
  • Campaign Participation
  • Event Participation
  • Referred Friends
  • Social Posting
  • Post Moderation Status
  • Online Visual Commerce
  • Products in Post
  • Online Questions & Answers
  • Online Ratings & Reviews
  • Community Comments
  • Customer Review Photos
  • Style preferences
  • Lifestyle preferences
  • Travel preferences
  • Vehicle descriptors
  • Family or pet names
  • Related members

Data Drives the Solution

All data feeds back into the Annex Cloud Loyalty Experience Platform™️ for analysis and learning that continues the loyalty cycle through to new actions.

Learn about the loyalty cycle >


Our Loyalty Engine includes a powerful member segmentation module that can be leveraged for all brand actions.


Tie members and segments to hierarchies, action rules and campaigns in the Loyalty Experience Manager.

Brand Action

The Communications Experience Manager is the hub between the Loyalty Experience Platform and your tech stack. This is the platform module that puts loyalty in the center of your marketing strategy, breaking down the silos through industry-leading integrations.


Security, compliance and privacy are key components to our solutions.

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