Registration as a Service delivers everything you need to properly manage your customer data. This innovative solution brings customized functionality and design to fit your brand and enables you to easily manage the customer account process including data collection forms, profile pages, account creation flows, password management, and account validation.


Advantages of Annex Cloud Registration as a Service

  • Incorporate social and traditional login capabilities effortlessly
  • Native integration with Customer Loyalty and Referral Marketing programs
  • Gain valuable insight from demographics and psychographics, user behavior, and social graph data
  • Reduce friction by customizing your templates based on where customers are interacting with registration form
data security

Data Security has never been more important.

Annex Cloud ensures that you’ll have nothing to worry about when using our Login Services. Our Registration as a Service comes with state-of-the-art security and privacy measures for both you and your customers’ peace of mind.

data security

RaaS Layered Security

  • Secure server hosting
  • Double verification authentication to ensure password security
  • Encryption of sensitive information
  • PCI-DSS adherent procedures
  • Ongoing maintenance and enhancements

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Monitor customer data in aggregate and at the individual level to get a better understanding of your customers. Our intuitive dashboards give you easy access to customer demographic data as well as insights into your account creation rates, conversion rates, and logins by device. Customized reporting means you can collate all the information you need in one place and schedule regular reports to be sent to you and your team whenever you need them.

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