Make Influencer Management Easy for Your Team

Influencer Marketing is an increasingly popular marketing channel, after all it gives brands a direct channel to connect with people who are interested in their industry. Influencers are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about your industry and products and their audience is too. But, managing influencers is a daunting task. From keeping track of campaigns to monitoring revenue attribution numbers, ensuring your influencer marketing program is performing at its peak is a huge task. And, it only gets harder as you scale. Influencer Marketing Management streamlines the process.

Influencer programs

Flexible Management Setup

Influencer programs are unique to each brand. Some companies may benefit from working with influencers with large followings while other brands may find more success working with a lot of micro-influencers. As a result, the program management requirements for influencer marketing programs can vary widely. Our Influencer Marketing Management programs are fully customizable. You can set up the organization, tracking, and compensation or rewards structures that work best for your business.

Influencer Profiles

Influencer Profiles

Give your influencers an easy way to keep track of their work with you. Influencer profiles are a place for your influencers to log-in, find the assets they need for their campaigns, collect the trackable links, and track their impact on sales. For macro influencers, it streamlines communication with your team and for micro influencers it makes them feel appreciated and like a genuine member of your team.

Campaign Management

Asset and Campaign Management

Keep track of your influencer marketing campaigns and store your brand assets so your influencers have easy access.

Revenue Impact

Revenue Impact

Easily track the impact your influencers are having on your sales. Revenue impact tracking lets you track individually or at scale. Get a better picture of your program’s overall performance and insight into which influencers are making the biggest impact and which influencers aren’t making the cut.