Most enterprises focus the bulk of their resources on acquiring new customers but faced with skyrocketing acquisition costs are looking for more cost-effective ways to gain new customers. Retention and loyalty are typically secondary and left until later in the customer lifecycle.

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Increasing retention by 5% can drive up to a 70% increase in profits.

Source: Bain & Company

Have you stopped to consider what percentage of your customers are one-time transactions? What if just five or ten percent of them came back for a second or third purchase? Pushing the focus on retention to just your repeat customers is leaving massive revenue on the table. Successful brands integrate loyalty in everything they do because they know loyalty begins with the first customer interaction.

The Value of Loyal Repeat Customers

Cost Less

They Cost Less

Boston Consulting Group reports it costs $7 to market to existing customers vs. $34 per new customer.

Spend More

They Spend More

Forbes reports repeat customers can increase sales by 47%, and loyalty members spend up to 18% more.

Convert More Often

They Convert More Often

According to Marketing Metrics, repeat customers have a 60 – 70% chance of converting vs. 5 – 20% for new customers.

3 Challenges, 1 Solution

Omnichannel Promise

Delivering on the Omnichannel Promise

Customers interact with an average of nine channels to browse inventory, seek advice, and make purchases. Is your technology limiting your ability to meet customers everywhere they are? Loyalty can enable omnichannel interactions across every touchpoint, reinforcing your brand.

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Putting First-party Data to Work

Putting First-party Data to Work

First-party data is essential to understanding customer preferences and behaviors. Do you have unified 360-degree profiles that all customer-focused teams can act on in real time? Loyalty pushes first-party data across your tech stack to deliver insights and inform individualized experiences across the customer journey.

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Overcoming Supply Chain Issues

Overcoming Supply Chain Issues

Enterprises across all industries are facing supply chain issues that can interrupt and delay delivery, and force price increases, at a time when customers are more demanding than ever. Loyalty’s mutual value exchange builds strong customer bonds that help protect the retention of your best customers.

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