Our Customer Retention Solutions

Go beyond the traditional points for purchase.

Loyalty and customer retention strategies aren't just about offering incentives for purchase, they are about crafting a comprehensive strategy around your customer's entire engagement with your brand.


Omni-Channel Loyalty

Create an engaging experience with a loyalty program that seamlessly extends across online, mobile, and in-store experiences. Empower customers to earn and redeem points and pick your brand first no matter where they are or what channels they use to shop.

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Online Loyalty

Keep customers engaged and excited about your brand with points, prizes, coupons, giftcards and more. Offer incentives and rewards tailored to your customers and don’t worry about the heavy lifting of delivering and maintaining rewards, we handle that.

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Upgrade your Customer Loyalty solution with game elements such as competition, tiers and badges to get customers excited to participate. Increased participation rates increase rates of retention.

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Customer Retention is one of the key cornerstones of business success, especially during times of market volatility. Our white paper on customer retention looks closely at some of the overall strategies necessary to succeed in this environment. We take a look at what worked from 2019, and what techniques we’re expecting to work this year.

Customer Retention Benefits

Why you should focus your energies to improve customer retention?

Customer retention gives brands and companies an opportunity to continuously reach out and engage with customers beyond standard marketing strategies. But here are some benefits to customer retention and why you should should improve the rate.


Customer retention and loyalty offers an impactful way to increase repeat purchase rate without discounting or devaluing your brand. In the first few months of good effort, clients saw up to a 50% increase in the Average Order Value.


Since loyal customers are easier and cheaper to retain, this helps your bottom line. It takes five times as much to acquire new customers than to retain current ones.


Retained customers are easier to interact with and easier to communicate with. This makes them more likely to purchase. On average, we see Repeat Purchase Rates increase by 30% over the course of 6 months.

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