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Leverage flexible displays to fit your brand’s needs.

Showcase your images and videos in a variety of customizable formats, like high quality sliders on product pages, Pinterest-like board functionality, mixed editorial displays, or interactive galleries featuring voting and commenting. Our in-house design team makes sure that all galleries and widgets are exactly what you want. Flexible Visual Commerce displays ensure your content is always shown in a format that fits your site, communicates exactly what you want and encourages desired customer action.
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Hot Spots give you a way to easily highlight your products and facilitate product discovery.

You can integrate your existing product feed into Visual Commerce to associate content with products while keeping designations like product category, parent/child relationships, and product collections intact. Even if you don’t have a feed, with the help of Annex Cloud’s curation interface, you can associate products with their images by entering the product name and URL. Then, use Hot Spots to show visitors exactly which products are featured.
Image Rights Management
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Comprehensive image rights management makes it easy to maintain permission to use customers’ pictures across your marketing strategies.

Annex Cloud’s integrated rights management provides a rapid way to obtain photo permissions from your advocates. Your Visual Commerce solution then locally stores images and videos, and provides a record of your permissions requests. This way, you can easily use your customers’ content while keeping them happy. Our customer success team also brings expertise to help guide you through any questions or concerns with regards to rights management.
Image Rights Management
Point 4

Shoppic and the Shoppic Scheduler makes your Instagram shoppable and drives more revenue from your social media team.

Shoppic transforms your Instagram followers into shoppers with a simple link in your Instagram bio. That link takes them to a shoppable gallery hosted by Annex Cloud which then delivers users directly to your product pages. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about any implementation. The Shoppic Scheduler app makes utilizing Shoppic easy by offering an easy-to-use interface to plan and scheduler Instagram content, connect it with your product pages, and add appropriate attributes and tags in the same step as scheduling.
Shoppic and the Shoppic Scheduler
Point 5

The Smart Image Ranking Algorithm determines and prioritizes your best performing content.

Smart Image Ranking weights the value of your visual commerce images based on a variety of onsite and social parameters such as: number of clicks on the image, favorites, and revenue generated and displays your content in priority order. You can add different weight values to the different factors to drive the results you’re looking for whether that’s increasing engagement or boosting revenue.
Smart Image Ranking Algorithm
Point 6

Image Syndication, Multi-Site Capabilities, and Internationalization expands the reach and impact of your Visual Commerce content.

With all of your images in a single dashboard, our platform allows you to select where you’d like to distribute them. Manufacturers can source photos from or send images to their retail partners, while retailers can do the same. Companies that manage multiple sites can easily send specific images to certain properties. Meanwhile, Visual Commerce customers who operate sites for certain geographic areas or languages enjoy automatic translation and the ability to tailor which content is displayed according to regional product availability or other variables.
Image Syndication
Point 7

Mobile-optimized solutions create an unmatched customer experience.

All of Annex Cloud’s Visual Commerce widgets and pop-ups are mobile responsive and adaptive, ensuring the best possible experience for mobile site visitors. If you have an app, you can take advantage of a native Android and iOS or cross-platform software development kits (SDKs). A dedicated team of developers makes ensuring your Visual Commerce assets and galleries are always mobile friendly effortless.
Mobile-Optimized Solutions
Point 8

Capitalize on intuitive, in-depth dashboards for streamlined work and actionable insights.

Annex Cloud’s auto-moderation feature lets you screen or block certain keywords, while our moderation workflows make it easy to deliver the right assets to the right person. Our Visual Commerce dashboard has comprehensive reports on influencers, ROI, device and social network usage, conversion, and more. These comprehensive metrics help you continuously optimize your program.
Capitalize On Intuitive
Point 9

Enjoy seamless implementations thanks to our integrations.

Annex Cloud’s modular platform lets you easily merge Visual Commerce with Customer Loyalty, Ratings and Reviews, Questions and Answers, and Referral Marketing. Furthermore, our solutions come pre-integrated with your third-party software, including all major e-commerce platforms, ESP, POS solutions, CRM tools, and analytics programs.
Seamless Implementations
Point 10

We ensure continuous optimization driven by a dedicated customer success team.

Annex Cloud’s fully managed services help you with everything from strategy to implementation to regular upkeep. Our Customer Success team has a wealth of best practices and the experience to back them up. You can also use our team of moderation and curation experts to handle all or part of your image curation.
Dedicated Customer Success Team

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