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A powerful Solicitation Engine helps provide quick answers from a trusted source.

Providing answers from a relevant and trusted source whether it’s one of your product experts or a verified buyer is almost as important to a Q&A platform’s effectiveness as answering questions quickly. A powerful Solicitation Engine makes doing both of these easy by informing who should answer questions and creating an easy way to route them to that source. The Smart Engagement Algorithm (SEA), increases the likelihood that your verified buyers will answer questions by factoring historical data and product type to help determine when you should request help from different customers.
Powerful Solicitation Engine
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Strict moderation ensures appropriate and quality content.

Annex Cloud uses three rigorous levels of moderation--Content Checkpoint, Annex Cloud Managed Services Moderation, and Customer Moderation--to weed out foul language, mentions of competitors, and irrelevant or promotional content. Content Checkpoint is our signature automated moderation that uses a combination of profanity and keyword filters, and sentiment analysis to identify, flag, and, when appropriate, automatically disapprove off-brand or inappropriate content. Next, you can use Annex Cloud’s managed services to add another level of safety. Finally, you can moderate your content as you see fit. This whole process is customizable to make it suitable for your brand’s image and goals.
Product Detail Report
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Our expansive Syndication Network turbocharges the exposure of your content.

To make an informed buying decision, it’s necessary for your customer to have more Q&As at the moment of purchase. Syndication empowers you to curate Questions and Answers in a single admin and distribute them across multiple sites such as 3rd party retailers, manufacturers, or any other websites with overlapping products. You can publish your content on all sites or on a few selected ones and manage all syndication in a single dashboard. By distributing your content, you can answers customer’s questions no matter where they’re shopping and strategically boost conversion across your entire sales network.
Syndication Network Turbocharges
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Mobile friendliness makes for the ultimate customer experience.

Mobile adaptivity and responsiveness of this platform allow you to integrate its essential capabilities into your iOS and Android systems with the help of our Android and iOS SDKs.
Ultimate Customer Experience
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Comprehensive reporting, including a Product Detail Report, gives you a granular look at each product and the concerns customers are raising.

With the help of our Product Detail Report, you can break down total Questions and Answers content by product. Enjoy a product-by-product analysis of customers’ concerns, which can be used across numerous teams to improve product and marketing. With attributes and tags, you can easily pass helpful content along to different teams, notify customer service of service related questions, inform marketing about ways to improve product marketing content and help merchandising understand customer concerns to provide better products.
Product Detail Report
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Customized analytics and report scheduling enable real-time progress tracking.

Annex Cloud’s comprehensive dashboards give you real-time analytics about performance metrics, such as a total number of questions and answers submitted, total revenue generated, overall conversion rate, and customer engagement rate. Furthermore, ensure that the right insights are getting delivered to the right people at the right time. Customized reporting and scheduling ensures that everyone on your team is on the same page.
Analytics and Report Scheduling
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Extensive 3rd party integrations empower the platform's usability.

Questions and Answers comes pre-integrated with all popular email service providers and other necessary third-party solutions like major e-commerce platforms, analytics software, and more to maximize the effectiveness of your software, team, and customer experience.
3rd Party Integrations
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Pairing Questions and Answers with Customer Loyalty incentives customer participation and increase the number of helpful answers provided.

Your loyal customers are more likely to answer questions and provide thoughtful and valuable responses. Give them the outlet to exhibit their advocacy by rewarding them for answering other customers’ questions with loyalty rewards. Our unique unified platform makes integrating loyalty into your Questions and Answers platform a breeze.
Pairing Questions and Answers
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SEO optimized Q&A content boosts your product page rankings and reduces strain on your SEO team.

Questions and Answers content offers a great opportunity to boost your website’s SEO value because it presents an easy way to regularly add fresh keyword rich content at little time or cost on your team’s part. Annex Cloud’s Q&A platform is SEO optimized and comes with complete support for rich snippets including microdata and micro-formats. The content is also fetched dynamically but cached locally so you can deliver real-time on-page content for the best SEO results.
SEO Optimized Q & A Content
Point 10

Enjoy comprehensive support with our customer success team.

Annex Cloud provides a dedicated team complete with a customer success manager who ensures that every aspect of your Questions and Answers solution, from strategy through to continual upkeep, is performing its best and meeting your company’s goals.
Customer Success Team

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