Review content is vital, no matter where your customers are shopping. With fully omni-channel Ratings and Reviews, your customers can submit and read reviews online, on their phone, in your app, and in-store.

omni-channel Ratings and Reviews

In-Mail Reviews

Increase review submissions by making it easier for customers to submit reviews. With in-mail reviews your customers can write and share their reviews directly from their inbox. All you need to do is integrate a review form directly into your solicitation email template.

Ratings and Reviews - In-Mail Reviews

In-Store Review Solicitation

Add review calls to action to your product packaging or in-store receipts to increase the amount of review content you can collect. With customized receipt codes your customers can submit reviews of the products they buy in your store, and you can verify their purchase and add a verified buyer badge to increase the authenticity of their review.

Ratings and Reviews - In-Store Review

Ratings and Reviews FAQs: How Do I Get More Reviews

In-App Reviews

With Annex Cloud’s software development kits (SDKs), incorporating Ratings and Reviews into your app is nearly effortless.

Ratings and Reviews - In-App Reviews

Fully Mobile Responsive and Adaptive

All review forms and displays are completely mobile responsive and adaptive to ensure your customers have the best user experience.

Ratings and Reviews - Mobile Responsive

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