Our three-level moderation process means that your Questions and Answers content is always appropriate and relevant to your products and brand.

A customizable combination of automated and manual moderation screens for foul language, mentions of competitors, and irrelevant or promotional content all while maintaining the genuine voice of your customers.

Q&A Software - Moderation

Three Levels

  • Point 1 Automated Moderation
  • Point 2 Annex Cloud Moderation
  • Point 3 Client Moderation
Q&A Software - Three Levels
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Automated alerts notify the appropriate people when a question is asked, and ensure that the customer’s question is answered quickly by the person most qualified to answer.

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Fraud Prevention

Our expert team of moderators keeps fraudulent content such as spam, promotions, inappropriate messages, and duplicate content off of your site. They ensure that only authentic questions are asked, helpful answers are given, and no one’s time is wasted.

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You can always customize the moderation process to meet your business’s needs and guidelines. This could mean adding another layer of moderation, customizing the types of alerts sent, creating custom reports for different teams, or many other options.

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