Sometimes shoppers will want information that’s not included on your product pages.

They may have concerns ranging from subjective experiences to technical specifications. When they can’t find out what they want to know, they often abandon their shopping carts instead of purchasing from you.

Q&A Software - Challenge


Questions and Answers gives your shoppers the ability to instantly ask anyone--from product experts to fellow consumers--questions about your products.

Instead of being frustrated by a lack of information, customers can have a real dialogue on your site. A quick response from a qualified individual increases trust, strengthens engagement, and ultimately boosts conversion.

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Q&A Software - Solution


  • Lift conversion by giving shoppers trustworthy and helpful content
  • Reduce returns and complaints by helping customers make more informed purchases
  • Cultivate long-term loyalty and increase average order values by showing your community that you're here to help
  • Utilize features like Questions and Answers syndication and email triggers to reach the biggest audience as quickly as possible
  • Take advantage of Questions and Answers ROI and analytics dashboards to guarantee speedy customer service, analyze customer feedback, and ensure that your solution is earning its keep
Q&A Software - Benefits

Free Case Study:

SA Group Case study

"Annex Cloud has provided wonderful support for the integration, design, and marketing of Questions & Answers. Their pre-integration with Kibo and expertise allowed for a truly seamless experience. The Q&A solution lets our sales team communicate digitally like never before, consequently enriching our customer interactions and increasing conversions. Overall it's been a fantastic experience."

Andy Brazelton, Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing at Group Inc.

Checkout an interview with Group’s Director of Digital Marketing and learn about their experience with Annex Cloud.