Paid Members Buy-in for High Value Benefits

A paid membership loyalty program requires customers to pay a fee for enrollment in exchange for elevated benefits. It delivers a rapid ROI through membership fees and helps you afford exclusive benefits for your most committed customers. Members of paid programs are highly engaged from the beginning and have a vested interest in your brand to maximize their return. As a result, paid loyalty differentiates your brand and combats customer churn. A paid loyalty program can be added to your overall loyalty strategy and combined with free and transaction-based tiers.

Take Advantage of the Subscription Economy

To say subscription strategies have been successful is an understatement and paid membership loyalty allows businesses of all kinds to take advantage of the trend. Amazon Prime gets the most attention with millions of members willing to pay for next-day delivery and special discount events. Ecommerce innovation has emerged from subscription-based brands like Birchbox and Stitch Fix. CVS CarePass and Panera Unlimited SIP Club are examples of how different industries are jumping on the paid membership strategy.

We expect the subscription economy to expand into a USD 1.5 trillion market by 2025, implying an average annual growth rate of 18%. (Source: UBS)

Create a Value Exchange So Good, They’ll Pay You for It

A loyalty program creates a value exchange between customers and your brand. The value for both increases over time. With paid membership, the value starts high, engaging new members early and gives you the greatest competitive advantage. Annex Cloud is purpose-built to support paid membership loyalty using powerful segmentation that allows you to offer exclusive benefits to paid members and incentivize others to join.

VIP Benefits for Paid Loyalty Members

  • VIP recognition
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Product and sample boxes
  • Exclusive content and contests
  • Early access and exclusive products
  • In-person and online events
  • Automatic reordering and rewards
  • Richer program earning and redemption ratios
  • Membership fees offset the costs of elevated benefits
  • Annex Cloud can support nearly any benefit you can imagine

Modern consumers, especially millennials, prefer experiences over things (Source: Forbes)

Improved Business Outcomes

  • Adds another level of customer growth while building emotional bonds
  • Increased AOV
  • Increased purchase frequency
  • Increased LTV
  • Predictable advance and recurring revenue
  • Paying members are more trusting with their data
  • Offset benefit costs with membership fees
  • The greatest competitive advantage

62% will spend more on the brand after joining a paid loyalty program (Source: McKinsey & Company)

Taking Action with Annex Cloud

The Annex Cloud Loyalty Experience Platform™ is purpose-built to support a paid loyalty program. Paid membership can be your only strategy or the high end of a broad loyalty strategy.

  • Recruit paid membership loyalty members from prospects, current customers, and program members
  • Manage paid loyalty membership:
    • Recognize membership purchase with POS integration
    • Add members to a paid loyalty segment
    • Target exclusive products and benefits
    • Create a paid membership VIP tier
  • Personalize VIP communications at all touchpoints
  • Create targeted actions and campaigns

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