Reward Customers Without Limitations

Boost customer participation and purchase frequency by rewarding your shoppers no matter where they buy your products. With the Native Receipt Scanning, your loyalty members can submit their receipts from any store so you can reward them for their dedication while gathering critical data. Integrations with a continuously growing list of retailers enables you to reward customers for purchases from virtually any online or brick and mortar store.

Gathering Loyal Customers and Groundbreaking Information with the Native Receipt Scanning: Learn more about implementations of the Native Receipt Scanning and how to use this cutting-edge technology to gather groundbreaking customer data.

3 Ways Your Customers Can Earn More Rewards with the Native Receipt Scanning

OCR receipts

Upload Photos of Printed Receipts:

Annex Cloud’s platform uses optical character recognition (OCR) to read the receipt, process and store its data, and deliver rewards based on shoppers’ purchases and your established loyalty rules.

Text Receipt Pictures

Text Receipt Pictures:

Our technology processes pictures of receipts texted to a designated phone number, stores it, and automatically rewards customers for their purchases.

Forward Email Receipts

Forward Email Receipts:

Your customers can forward an email receipt from any retailer including Amazon and automatically earn rewards for their purchase.

Enhanced Customer Experiences and Unparalleled Customer Purchase Behavior Insights

With a simple photo upload or the click of a forward button, the Native Receipt Scanning makes it easier than ever for your customers to earn rewards. It also collects unique and immensely valuable information about customers and their purchase behavior. It doesn’t just give you a way to regularly connect with customers even when they aren’t purchasing directly from you--it also offers insights about the types and brands of products they’re purchasing along with yours. You can use this information to capitalize on collaboration opportunities with other companies, enhance your competitor research, and inform your merchandising, product development, marketing, and design teams.

Explore how BioSteel, a sports hydration company, significantly increased their customer engagement and revenue with Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Products.

Advanced Fraud Prevention

Advanced Fraud Prevention

Have concerns about people gaming the system? No need to worry. As with all of our solutions, we take steps to implement fraud prevention both on the technology side as well as with our best practices in program management. Our safety protocols include:

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