Social Bridge is a robust and advanced platform that amplifies your current social media marketing by mining customer information from Annex Cloud loyalty system. This powerful technology lets brands to easily create audiences in Facebook to target them in more ways than just email, using Facebook Ads.

Social Bridge feature is fully integrated with Facebook allowing brands to take advantage of the customer segments within the loyalty system. A marketer can create both Custom as well as Lookalike audiences to target on Facebook, using the Social Bridge solution. What is a Lookalike audience? A lookalike audience is a segment of new users that closely resemble your current segment and can be targeted using Facebook Ads. Facebook works like a prospecting tool by providing the ability to match custom audiences with similar Facebook users. A Brand now can market to these Facebook lookalike audiences in new ways besides traditional email marketing.

How does Social Bridge Work?

Sign in

Log in to the Annex Cloud portal and
navigate to the Social Bridge option on
our Products page.

Sign In

Add Facebook Account

Connect your Facebook Account with
the social bridge platform.


Select Audience Type

Once connected, you can now choose to
create Custom Audiences or Lookalike Audiences.


Select Segment

For creating a Custom audience in Facebook you will need to import users from a loyalty segment into your Facebook Ad account. Facebook Ad campaigns can then be set up in Business manager to target this Custom audience.

Lookalike Audience

Once a custom audience is imported, it can be used to create Lookalike audiences in Facebook by using Facebook’s ability to match users across all geographic regions. The Lookalike audience can be created by choosing how closely it needs to match to the Custom audience. A lower percentage match would pick users that closely resemble the Custom audience while a higher percentage would create a bigger and broader audience.



  • Full Dashboard Capabilities and extension reports to provide deeper audience insight.
  • One-Click Social Account Access tokens Renewal
  • Multi-User Account Management
  • Seamless integration with Annex Cloud loyalty system to utilize customer information from loyalty segments to easily create segmented Facebook Audiences for targeted Facebook Ads.
  • Use Annex Cloud advanced segmentation feature within the customer loyalty system to create intuitive segments that can then be uploaded in Facebook to create Custom and Lookalike audiences.


  • Fully Integrated with Customer Loyalty
  • Create lookalike audiences on Facebook to expand your reach to people who are similar to current customers.
  • Provides additional ways to engage with Loyal customers

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