Annex Cloud’s technology stands out particularly with personalization and customer analytics – Making it easy for users to take advantage of predictive models and see how campaigns impact behavior.

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Configurable Customer Loyalty Software

Online Loyalty 

Seamlessly integrate loyalty marketing into your ecommerce website and digital marketing strategy via loyalty program software. Integration with your ecommerce platform and ESP, customer touchpoint strategy, and campaign best practices maximize everything from launch through promotion.

Configure Online Loyalty
Omni-Channel Loyalty

Omni-Channel Loyalty 

Build a customer loyalty rewards program that meets your customers everywhere they are shopping, online, on their phones, and in your stores. Your customers can earn and redeem points anywhere and pre-built POS integrations make launching your program effortless. An added layer of Store Management makes it easy to utilize your loyalty program to monitor and drive KPIs for specific stores

Native Receipt Scanning 

Boost customer participation and purchase frequency by rewarding your shoppers no matter where they buy your products. With the Native Receipt Scanning, your loyalty members can submit their receipts from any store so you can reward them for their dedication while gathering critical data through customer loyalty programs.

Social and Behavioral Loyalty
Omni-Channel Loyalty

Rewards and Incentives Engine 

The Incentive Engine helps create rewards that can be used as marketing incentives by businesses either within customer loyalty programs or without loyalty programs. Incentive Engine offers two types of redemptions - Full and Partial.

Social and Behavioral Loyalty 

Proactively guide customer behavior and differentiate your loyalty program by incorporating social and behavioral activity. You can reward customers for any action you want them to take such as connecting via social media, writing reviews, signing up for newsletters, attending in-store events and more through your loyalty program software . Rewarding customers for more than just purchases increases engagement and builds more genuine brand and customer loyalty.

Social and Behavioral Loyalty
Paid Membership Loyalty

Paid Membership Loyalty 

Focus your loyalty program on your most dedicated customers and establish guaranteed ROI with a paid membership program. Support for high-value rewards, subscription management for loyalty memberships, efficient multi-tier management, and advanced segmentation all create a powerful paid membership program.

Benefits of Loyalty Programs

  • Customer Loyalty offers an impactful way to increase repeat purchase rate without discounting or devaluing your brand.
  • Customer Loyalty gives brands and companies an opportunity to continuously reach out and engage with customers beyond standard marketing strategies.
  • Robust Customer Loyalty functionality creates a way to seamlessly engage customers and offer rewards through any shopping channel, online, in-store, through an app, or with all three together.
  • With Annex Cloud’s unique unified platform Customer Loyalty creates a way to incent customers to take any number of actions from purchasing to writing reviews, referring friends, sharing pictures, and connecting through social media. By encouraging customers to take steps to engage with your brand beyond just purchases, you build a stronger platform.
Benefits of Customer Loyalty Software

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Key Features for Better Loyalty Programs

  • Customizable Rewards
  • Customizable Loyalty Actions
  • Advanced Promotional Engine
  • RFM Analysis
  • Native In-Store Program Support
  • Loyalty iOS and Android SDKs
  • Pre-Built ESP, Ecommerce Platform, and POS Integrations
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics
  • Integrated Coupon System
Features of Better Loyalty Programs

Getting Started with Customer Loyalty

Launching a loyalty program has never been easier.

Program Configuration 

One of our product specialists will work with you to design a loyalty solution suited to your business needs. They will help you define if online, omni-channel, social and behavior, or paid membership programs are a good fit. They’ll also work with you to define your loyalty action and rewards structure. By factoring historical data such as order frequency and average order value, they will define a rewards structure that delivers high engagement and rapid ROI.

Customer Loyalty Configuration


We know every team is different and every implementation is unique. We have a refined and proven process to make implementation as effortless as possible. You’ll be assigned a dedicated team including an Implementation Expert, Integration Manager, and Designer who will work with you from launch through ongoing enhancements and maintenance

Pre-Built Integrations 

Integrations and certifications with all leading ecommerce platforms, ESPs, POS systems, mobile commerce platforms, and CRMs makes it easy to build loyalty into your current marketing stack.

Customer Loyalty Implementation

Optimization and Ongoing Support 

After your program launches your dedicated team will continue to work with you to optimize your loyalty marketing strategy. A/B testing and intuitive reporting dashboards will make it easy do identify and adjust calls to action and campaigns that aren’t performing. Regular business reviews create the opportunity to adjust and enhance your overall strategy based on business growth and changing needs.

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Customer Loyalty Optimization

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