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"Annex Cloud’s custom solutions and support were excellent during the implementation process and post-launch. Their solutions are promoting engagement, loyalty, and retention, and most importantly, are driving results. The scalability of their solutions will continue to allow us to take our marketing strategies to the next level."

Jennifer Schmell, Director, Web Strategy & Development, Olympus America – Consumer Products Group

Learn how Olympus cultivated a brand community, inspiring photographers and creating lifetime loyalty.

Customer loyalty challenge


Whether they are shopping online in brick and mortar stores or through an app, customers have a seemingly limitless number of choices of brands and products to choose from. The increasing choice customers have has lead to an overall decrease in repeat purchase rate, customer lifetime value, and ultimately genuine brand loyalty.

Customer loyalty challenge


Customer Loyalty Programs empower companies and brands by offering them a way to differentiate themselves without discounting. Offering customers tangible incentives for repeatedly choosing their brand helps strategically and powerfully increase repeat purchase rate and lifetime value. And Annex Cloud’s powerful Customer Loyalty Software takes the impact a step further by enabling ways to engage customers beyond just purchases and build genuine loyalty that can survive even the strongest offers and incentives from competitors.

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Customer loyalty solution


  • Customer Loyalty offers an impactful way to increase repeat purchase rate without discounting or devaluing your brand.
  • Customer Loyalty gives brands and companies an opportunity to continuously reach out and engage with customers beyond standard marketing strategies.
  • Robust Customer Loyalty functionality creates a way to seamlessly engage customers and offer rewards through any shopping channel, online, in-store, through an app or with all three together.
  • With Annex Cloud’s unique unified platform Customer Loyalty creates a way to incent customers to take any number of actions from purchasing to writing reviews, referring friends, sharing pictures, and connecting through social media. By encouraging customers to take steps to engage with your brand beyond just purchases, you build a stronger connection and foster genuine loyalty.
Customer loyalty benefits