Social Loyalty

Social Loyalty is an engaging, exciting, and straightforward way to reward your brand
advocates with loyalty program points for their social activity and advocacy.

You can truly earn your customers’ devotion by keeping them entertained and enthralled
at all times. Offer them more than just points for purchase and let them earn rewards for
referring friends, following your brand on social media, and a lot more.

Social Loyalty Rewards

Reward them for actions including:

Signing up for emails

Referring friends to
your brand


Creating an account

Writing a product review

Entering a contest

Following your brand
on social media

Asking and answering
quetions about
your products

Visiting your website

Sharing your products or
brand through social
media or email

Posting pictures of your
products on social media
using the hashtag #yourbrand

Sending friends
personalized messages
about your products and

You can also reward them...

On their birthday

On special extra
point days

As a surprise and
delight tactic

On their anniversary
as a customer

Social Loyalty ROI & Analytics

Gather vital insights such as:

  • Points liability, including total points awarded and redeemed
  • Registration and participation over time
  • Individual loyalty member profiles
  • Loyalty actions taken
  • Customer demographics like age, gender, and geographic region
  • Revenue generated by your loyalty program

Customer Profile

Get insightful information about your customer’s journey through our customer profile.