Yumble is a husband-and-wife founded company that prides itself on preparing and delivering meals that are healthy, nutritionally balanced, and appealing to kids. Yumble grows its customer base and lifetime value with Annex Cloud’s customer loyalty and referral products.


Yumble is a family-founded company that offers parents more free time by preparing and delivering healthy, fresh food for their kids. The company’s goal is to provide meals that are nutritional, ready to serve in less than 90 seconds, and something that young picky eaters will enjoy.

Yumble is very customer-centric and looks for every opportunity to recognize its customers and enhance their experience. To ensure this approach became a discipline for the organization, Yumble decided to implement a loyalty strategy that included personalization, engagement activities, and a loyalty program. The organization chose Annex Cloud to be its partner in building and implementing the loyalty program.

“We chose Annex Cloud because we saw a nice suite of products that we thought we could integrate more and more into our experience,” said Patrick Briggs, Vice President of Growth and Retail Partnerships at Yumble. “Basically, we thought that there was an opportunity to have a richer loyalty experience with our customer.”

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Annex Cloud is committed to making the business the way we want it to be and working with us to figure it out.

Patrick Briggs
Vice President of Growth and Retail Partnerships, Yumble


Annex Cloud established a loyalty program for Yumble that rewards participating customers with points for their purchases, which they can use toward free products. This loyalty program has helped Yumble increase its lifetime value (LTV) by more than 10 percent. Yumble has also seen an increase in user acquisition thanks to the referral program Annex Cloud implemented.

“I can actually see in the year and a half since we’ve worked with Annex Cloud how our user acquisition has been increasing as we’ve made changes,” said Patrick. “The loyalty program has also had a positive impact on the lifetime value of our existing audience.”

Patrick sees the relationship between Annex Cloud and Yumble as a true partnership.

“We’ve had partners that we’ve worked with that just go by the letter of the contract, and that’s not really a partnership, in my view,” said Patrick. “There’s always going to be a situation that bends it a little bit, and if you’re not willing to bend a little bit, then I think you’re not really willing to be a partner. But Annex Cloud has been very willing to do those things to help us grow this business.”

As an example of Annex Cloud going above and beyond for Yumble, Annex Cloud identified an opportunity to improve the program user experience when analyzing Yumble’s program data. Annex Cloud took the initiative to rebrand a variety of the program assets, including the landing page, and the changes resulted in member lift.

On another occasion, Annex Cloud built additional functionality into the referral program when Yumble requested an automatic follow-up cadence to those who’d been referred.

“The Annex Cloud team agreed that the auto-remind feature was a feature that should have already existed in the platform, and they prioritized it and built it for us,” said Patrick. “That was compelling.”

To further speak to its satisfaction with the loyalty and referral programs, Yumble recently renewed its contract with Annex Cloud. “We’re happy, and we want to keep pushing harder on this,” said Patrick.

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10% growth in lifetime value during the last year


Increase in user acquisition


Committed partnership and contract renewal

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