Card-Linked Loyalty Makes Customer Payment Card a Loyalty Card

Worldpay card-linked loyalty easily synchs payment cards with Annex Cloud advanced loyalty solutions.

With Card-linked loyalty, Worldpay safely stores customer payments cards and Annex Cloud automatically recognizes loyal customers when they pay. As a result, customers can automatically earn valuable rewards by simply using their payment card.

Market Movers Video Series

Maria Prados, VP, Global Retail & B2B, discuss the “sea of change” in the growth of ecommerce with the adoption of new customer buying behavior.

Design a Card-Linked Loyalty Program that Meets Your Needs

  • Best in Class Omichannel Loyalty
  • Loyalty, Referrals, and UGC all in one stack
  • More than earn and burn...Integrated Social and Behavioral actions
  • Reward brand advocacy and brand ambassadors
  • Enterprise class Cloud SaaS provider
  • Easily pay in any channel, any currency
  • True omni-channel support for POS, eCommerce, Kiosk, etc
  • Frictionless payments
  • Recognize shoppers across channels
  • Increased approval rates
  • Fraud protection

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