Why Annex Cloud?


With any Customer Loyalty and Social Commerce solution, a strong software can only do so much. We bring software backed by thoughtful strategy, extensive technology integration, and customization to ensure you get a solution that fits your company and goals.



From functionality to the way a solution is implemented, we work with you to build a strategy designed to meet your business needs.


We work with you to create a Customer Loyalty and Social Commerce solution that fits you and your customers' needs. Everything from functionality to the social media networks you incorporate is customized to your needs.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of our comprehensive Customer Loyalty and Social Commerce solutions is the out-of-the-box, pre-integrated ecosystem of the world's leading technologies used by businesses today. From Email Service Providers (ESP) and Marketing Automation systems to Customer Management Systems (CRM), Point of Sale (POS) Systems and Social Media networks, we work hard to incorporate any technology your business calls for.