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Standing out in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace is more challenging than ever. Brands are struggling to keep up with today’s omnichannel expectations and deliver seamless, rewarding experiences that build relationships and drive growth. Annex Cloud and VTEX have teamed up to deliver a flexible, integration solution that makes it easy, efficient, and profitable to truly understand your customers and build lasting bonds, gain new customers, improve retention, and deliver timely, relevant, omnichannel experiences no matter where customers choose to shop.

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Integrated Solution Benefits

The integration of VTEX’s enterprise digital commerce platform and Annex Cloud's Loyalty Experience Platform™ empowers brands to:

Increase Customer LTV

Increase Customer LTV

Increase AOV, frequency, and repeat purchase rate.

Accelerate Growth

Accelerate Growth

Forbes reports repeat customers can increase sales by 47% and loyalty members spend up to 18% more.

Increase Customer Acquisition

Increase Customer Acquisition

Gain customers through advocates, referrals, and influencers.

Go to Market Fast

Drive Growth without Discounting

First-party loyalty data enables value-based engagement and offers.

Reduce Churn

Reduce Churn

Deliver value customers can’t find anywhere else, like exclusivity and early deal access.

Deliver an Individualized Omnichannel Experience

Deliver an Individualized Omnichannel Experience

Leverage first-party data at scale to individualize interactions across the entire journey.


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Market Movers Video Series

In this insightful discussion, VTEX Founder and Co-CEO Mariano Gomide de Faria shares what he sees as the three big shifts driving massive enterprise transformation, the key steps brands should be taking now to position themselves for success, and why multiple ecommerce solutions are no longer sustainable.

A Powerful Combination

Annex Cloud Delivers

  • Flexibility—Modular design lets you buy what you need and easily add as you grow
  • First-party Data at Scale—Gain a deeper understanding of your customers, own your customer relationships
  • A Seamless Individualized Experience—Push robust loyalty data across your tech stack to individualize every interaction
  • Lasting Emotional Bonds—Widest range of engagement modules to drive meaningful interaction between purchases
  • True Omnichannel Marketing—Deliver spot-on messaging via web, SMS, social, email, or apps

VTEX Delivers

  • Speed—Go to market faster and scale/sell/fulfill seamlessly
  • Innovation—Identify growth opportunities and become a one-stop-shop with fully integrated, end-to-end commerce
  • Optimization—Improve fulfillment and delivery efficiency
  • Future-proof Flexibility—Free yourself from legacy limitations and software updates
  • Convenience—Seamlessly manage your digital strategy with an all-in-one platform

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